How to watch Yellowstone season 4 online from any country

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A Montana ranch never seemed so deadly, but when we pick up where we left off at the end of Season 3 of Yellowstone, we’re bound to see drama, collusion, and family ties pushed to the breaking point and its Let’s face it, bloodshed. Here, we’re running down everything you need to know about how to watch Yellowstone Season 4 online, wherever you are in the world.

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Since its debut in 2018, Yellowstone has proven to be one of the most highly anticipated TV shows in recent history, and thanks to its ever-increasing viewership, we’re ready for some more good bites of cherries — or, perhaps, Bronco Rs.

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Sixth-generation rancher and family patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner) faces attack from all sides as he fights to maintain the rule of his land, and as it stands, it’s all too much. ‘The enemy of your enemy is your friend’.


Tricky alliances and family revelations like Jamie’s adoption will no doubt be in the works, and in the first episode of this season we saw a real snake make itself known — quite literally.

New faces on the scene include Market Equities CEO Carolyn Warner (Jackie Weaver), environmental activist Summer Higgins (Piper Peralto), and a veterinary tech, played by Katherine Kelly, who has her eye on a certain farm-hand.

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This is clearly an unacceptable season, so all that’s left to do is read on and watch how to watch Yellowstone Season 4 online from anywhere in the world.

How to Watch Yellowstone Online in the US

Paramount Network / Sling TV

Paramount Network / sling tv
Yellowstone airs every Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the Paramount Network, and if you have a cable subscription that carries the channel, all you have to do is flick up and be comfortable.

If you don’t, you can still get a seat at the rodeo with many cord-cutting services that also offer channels. is the most economical sling tv, and for $41/pm (including the $6/pm comedy add-on) you’ll get access to a range of channels, including Paramount Network.

If you’re looking for more detail and depth, it’s also worth considering Hulu+ Live TV or YouTube TV, which work out at $64.99/pm. They are more expensive, but offer a few more channels.

If you need a refresher on past seasons, you can catch them all on NBC’s Peacock (yes, it’s weird, but it has to do with the previous licensing agreement).

While Peacock has an excellent free tier, to view Yellowstone you will need to: Subscribe to Premium Tier for $4.99/pm. To be ad-free, you have to pay $9.99/pm. Both premium plans come with a 7-day free trial, so if you’re really committed, you can catch up on every previous episode of Yellowstone for free!

Finally, if you Outside the U.S, you can make the most of a quality vpn To virtually change where you are, and access regional streams that are unavailable in your current location.

How to Watch Yellowstone Online in Canada

amazon prime video

amazon prime video
For anyone north of the border, you can watch Yellowstone on Amazon Prime Video. New episodes of Season 4 will be released every Sunday, and you’ll be able to catch up on earlier seasons as well.

Amazon Prime Video costs CA$7.99 monthly, or CA$79.00 paid annually, but you can bag yourself 30 days free try Prime with no upfront payment. Plenty of time to gallop through the back catalog!

If you’re abroad and can’t access TV streaming services that you normally can at home, it’s worth considering a vpn, You’ll be able to spoof your location in Canada, and then watch whatever you like as if you were in your front room.

How to Watch Yellowstone Online in Australia


Australian viewers are in luck, as the latest episodes of Yellowstone drop every Monday on streaming provider Stan.

You can get the Stan Basic plan for just AU$10 per month, which will give you a wealth of hundreds of great shows and movies. You’ll also find each season of Yellowstone in the pack.

New customers can use generous 30 days free try, which gives you plenty of time to catch up on past seasons, as well as give you a feel for the service to make sure it fits your viewing habits.

Plus, if you’re out of the country, you can use a vpn You may be geo-blocked to access any services you pay for.

Can you watch Yellowstone online in the UK?


Unfortunately, Yellowstone Season 4 is currently not available for Brits, as none of the episodes are aired by any broadcaster or streaming service. The first few seasons used to air on the Paramount network before, but this is no longer the case.

If You’re Desperate for Your Yellowstone Fix, Seasons 1 and 2 Are Available to Buy amazon prime video, at £1.89 per episode, or £12.99 for each season.

It’s also worth noting that Peacock is likely to join forces with Now TV and Sky, meaning customers of those services could soon get free access to every episode of Yellowstone. We will keep this page updated when this happens.

Lastly, if you’re out of the country and currently want to access geo-blocked content, all you need to do is install a good vpn, You can select any server worldwide, and start watching content specific to that country.

How to Watch Yellowstone Online from Anywhere

ExpressVPN | Try it 100% risk free for 30 days

ExpressVPN | Try it 100% risk free for 30 days
If you’re away from home for new episodes of Yellowstone, a VPN is your best option for tuning in to Season 4.

These simple systems are ‘virtual private networks’, and enable you to appear online as if you were somewhere else entirely. This method gives you a way to do away with any geographic restrictions, so you can access all your favorite streaming services just as if you were at home. We argue that ExpressVPN is the best VPN out there, and perfect for watching Yellowstone online.

There are three simple steps to follow:

1: Install a VPN. There are a lot of options, but we’ll point you in the direction of ExpressVPN. There is also an offer at this time where you can Get an additional three months free on the 12-month package and save 49%, Happily, ExpressVPN is also compatible with every device you can think of.

2: Connect to a suitable server. Select a server located back in your country and you’ll be in and away. And if there are any issues, Express’s 24/7 live chat customer support can come to your rescue.

3: Go to the service you want. Here you can shop as you normally would and once you’ve set your location, go to the service you’re interested in and sign up or log in as normal and start watching. And if you don’t get along with it, you can always cancel without issue within 30 days and get a full refund. easy!

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