Huge deals are pushing more AI startups into IPO territory

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are venture investors Betting that AI-focused startups are ready for the public markets, more, bigger, first bets on such companies.

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If your startup is building with—or on top of—artificial intelligence, this is a great time to raise capital, no matter how far along the exit direction you are. While many startup niches have seen their funding increase in 2021, AI startups are enjoying strong gains among young and old groups, a broad base of customer demand.


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new Data from CB Insights Details of a global AI funding market full of activity, sharply divided by geography.

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This morning, we at Sapphire Ventures partner . making sense of numbers with the help of Jai Daso and Glasswing Venture Partners Rudina Cesaric, our two regular check-ins when it comes to AI investing.

First, we’ll dig into the data to understand where capital is flowing in the AI ​​startup market today. Then we’ll talk about why early and late stage bets on AI startups are so popular today.

record enterprise demand

In the third quarter of 2021, investors poured $17.9 billion into global AI startups, CB Insights reports. Funds raised by the group of companies have grown every quarter since Q1 2020, when AI startups raised a local minimum of $6.3 billion.

But what makes Q3 2021 more than just another quarter of strong fundraising results from AI startups is the dramatic increase in deal volume.

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