Huge PlayStation 5 update adds M.2 SSD support, 3D audio for TV speakers

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PlayStation 5 will get a significant global update on 15 September. This major update includes storage expansion, better game streaming with PlayStation Now, and UX enhancements. In addition to the major PS5 updates, updates to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation app, and PS Remote Play app will also roll out.

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This new update will allow PS5 owners to install the M.2 SSD to expand their storage for both the mainstrum PlayStation 5 and the digital-only version of the console. Players can play both PS4 and PS5 games directly from the M.2 SSD storage.

The PS5’s 3D audio is also getting a big boost. The update will make it so that players can experience 3D audio through the built-in TV speakers. Effect has been reserved for headphones since launch. Players who own Sony’s Pulse headset will also get new equalization options, allowing them to customize the sound.


With this new update, PS5 owners will have more control over their user experience. Players can customize their Control Center by moving the control options around or hiding them entirely from the menu. Messaging to friends and other players will be done directly from the game base in the Control Center. The game base will now have expanded features that will allow players to see which friends are online or engaged, directly on the menu.

PlayStation Now subscribers will have the option to choose which resolution to stream their games. If games allow it, players can now choose between 720p and 1080p resolutions for their game streams. PlayStation Now will also now have a test connection option that will allow players to troubleshoot any streaming issues directly.

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Apart from the PS5 update, a much-needed feature will be available in the PS Remote Play app. Now, players using Remote Play will have the option to stream their games using mobile data when Wi-Fi is not available. PS Remote Play requires broadband internet with at least 5 Mbps, and it is recommended that an internet connection has at least 15 Mbps upload and download speeds. Users can change the streaming quality of the game to help manage the data used.

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