Hulk meets the “deadliest Hulk in Marvel history” this April

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Writer Donnie Cates and artist Ryan Stegman are wasting no time turning their transformative lens on Bruce Banner as part of their current run on the Hulk. And with April’s Hulk #6, they’ll arrive in the same bag of tricks they used on their fan-favorite Venom run with a new threat she described as “basically the Hulk’s tap.”

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The Nul is of course the ‘god of the symbionts’ who once controlled the Clinter, an alien species known as symbionts, the most famous of which is, of course, Venom. Now, it looks like Cates and Stegman will take a similar approach, expanding the Hulk’s mythos in a new and deadly cosmic direction.

“This new threat is basically Hulk’s null, but overall, like Donnie and Ryan’s race on HULK, it’s crazier and more dangerous,” editor Will Moss says in Marvel’s announcement. “The heroes of the Marvel Universe may think the Hulk is the problem, but he’s not – This problem is. And after Hulk #6, no one can stop it…”


Whoever the Hulk is about to face is big enough to make its way out into the wider Marvel Universe — and when we say “big,” we mean massive, as in the huge villain in the cover squared off with the Hulk. has been shown to do.

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Interestingly enough, the idea of ​​a total-type mythos redefining villainy for the Hulk seems to be similar to the Hulk’s final title, the Immortal Hulk, in which the Hulk confronts The One Below All, a connection to gamma radiation. With almost omniscient malevolence and for the powers of the Hulk.

Hulk #6 is due out on April 20th.

Can you believe the Hulk wasn’t The Best New Marvel Comics Characters of 1962, That’s Marvel for you in the early 60s. (By the way, that was Spider-Man, of course)

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