Human Torch is a real hothead in Fantastic Four #39 preview

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Reckoning War is coming to the Fantastic Four, but before the team can handle it they have a personal matter to engage in — one of them greatest ff villain is seeking custody of one of Richards’ children.

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The Wizard is suing the Richards family for custody of a Bentley-23, one of Richards’ adopted children. How can he claim parental rights like this? Well, Bentley-23 is a clone of the Sorcerer – one of many villains created as fodder in the long-running battle against the superhero team. Debut back in 2009 Fantastic Four #570, the Bentley-23 was rescued by Reed Richards and taken in as part of the FF family, later enrolled in the Future Foundation along with Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards and others.

This legal battle is coming to a head on January 12th Fantastic Four #39, but can be bypassed because of one more Ongoing issue with Human Torch. Watch this preview of Fantastic Four #39 by Dan Slott and Francesco Manna:


What’s up with the human torch? Some issues before Doctor Doom was able to forcibly amplify Johnny Storm’s fiery powers. The result is that the human torch is burning faster than ever, but can not do turn it off. (insert ‘flame’ Close!‘ jokes here).

Terry and Rachel Dodgson painted the primary cover for Fantastic Four #39, and are joined by the team of Carlo Gomez and Jesus Abertov (a Devil’s Rain villain-themed version), and a different cover by the team of Ivan Shevrin. Check them out here:

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The Fantastic Four #39 will be available for sale on January 12th.

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