Hunt down a resurrected Maggie Thatcher in this frightfully British Doom campaign

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Back in July, I fell in love with an ongoing project to recreate a grim English high street in Duke Nukem 3D’s build engine. As it happens, another developer was already well on its own serious retro-chromatic lineage in Blighty – though there’s more gore than is found in the depths of Greg. Thatcher’s Techbase.

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Coming out on September 24, Thatcher’s Takebase is a free level pack for the original Doom (compatible with emulators like Boom) that takes you down the “tenth circle of Hell – the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” in search of one. sees what happened. Margaret Thatcher revived.

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With a handful of new weapons like the Trident Launcher and BFG 1990, with full support for online co, destroy the stiff upper lip from hordes of re-embellished corpses and monsters, from the bunting-clad hall of Parliament to Thatcher’s grave. Will do -Op. Amazingly, Techbase has also roped in voice actors from Supergiant Heads to Demeter and Persephone to lend their voices for the campaign.


I’m a huge sucker for this kind of serious representation of the UK in games – a more honest look at this strange, dormant island than Forza Horizon 4’s Sunlight Upland. Director Jim Purvis also indicated That would be an odd reference to Limi’s stand-out.”hh if thatcher is dead“Highlight.

More screens and information can be found on the game official site, where Thatcher’s Techbase will launch for free on September 24.

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