I caught the rare Pokemon Mew Oreo. Now what do I do with it?

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Mew is the rarest of the Pokémon Oreo batch, and I just got lucky.

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I recently wrote about New limited-edition Pokemon Oreos, and I was curious. They’re regular Oreos, with different Pokémon characters embossed on them. And like opening a pack of Pokémon cards, you don’t know what characters you’ll end up with, or whether you’ll score a rare offer, until you open the bag.


Pokemon Oreos Are Now In Stores, Or You Can Online Order. But you’ll want to wait: Some consumers are boycotting Nabisco products, including Oreo, as the company’s employees are on strike at six U.S. locations. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Contract negotiations taking place on Monday and Tuesday, so maybe the strike will end soon.

I didn’t go out and buy any Oreos, but full disclosure: Oreo sent me a promo box of them. My collector curiosity got the better of me, and I had to go through the whole pack and see which ones were in there.

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The cookies feature the regular Oreo logo on one side, and Pokémon characters on the other. There are 16 different characters with the legendary Pokemon Mew, believed to be the rarest. I started looking at Oreos, and believe it or not, the third one I picked up from a box of 32 cookies was …. a Mew.

I was very surprised to see this rare cookie, which I wrote to Oreo, asking if they had exclusively stocked boxes sent to reporters with mews, or if I was just lucky. (I’ll let you know what they say.) Then, of course, I had to go through the whole box and see which Pokémon I did and didn’t get.


There are 16 different designs of Pokémon Oreo.

The most recognizable Pokémon, even among people who’ve never played the game, is probably the lovable Pikachu. I had four Pikachu cookies in my box. The only other character that appeared four times was another fan favorite, Charmander.

pokemon oreo

Pokemon Oreos feature a variety of characters on cookies, including the popular Pikachu.

My box also contained a Sandshrew, two Sables, two Bulbasaurs, a Lapras, two Cindaquills, two Dratini, two Grookies, a Jigglypuff (this might be the cutest Oreo), two Squirtles, two Panchams, a Snivey and three Rowlets. And, of course, the adorable, mythical Mew.

Then there was what I’m calling Mystery Oreo. One of my cookies didn’t travel very well through the mail—the cookie with the character on it broke in transit, with only a third of it still sticking to the cream filling. From the little that’s left, I can’t tell what Pokémon it once was. RIP, little boy.

There was only one Pokemon Oreo that didn’t show up in my box – Piplup, a cute little penguin Pokemon. I guess it’s possible that the unrecognized secret Oreo was a piplup, but there was so little left about the design that I may never know. (And I even tried to fiddle-puzzle it back with the broken bits.)

I was honestly surprised at how many different Pokémon appeared in my Oreo box (and again, I don’t know if I was given a box at random, or a special press box to show as many characters as possible) Was). But I’m still perplexed by the idea of ​​a rare offering food item.

Should I avoid eating nuts as it is rare? Vacuum-seal like it’s a wedding gown? Keep it in the safe? Try and sell it on eBay? For now I sent it back to the box with my friends. I think once Nabisco’s strike is over, there will be more interest in Pokémon Oreos, but for now, I’m not trying to catch them all.

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