I just got three family members to buy this Black Friday deal. Are you next?

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I just wrapped a Thanksgiving meal with my family, and the weirdest thing happened while we were cleaning up. I broke out my Shark VacuumMop cordless 2-in-1 vacuum to clean toddlers’ mess made from my hardwood floors, and was promptly greeted by a slew of questions about it, which led to three family members Was actually buying one. black Friday Price for itself. This Year’s Black Friday Prices Are at Walmart Only $59. till, which is much less than what I paid for (and we have two in the house) and the best price I’ve ever seen Thanks walmart black friday deals,

You’re probably wondering what makes this vacuum mop combo so special, and why would people want to buy it, right? Well, there are a few things about it that I really like and the overall user experience has earned me praise for anyone who asked about it. First is how light the whole thing is. It weighs nothing so everyone (including my kids) can use it to clean up messes. Second, it’s actually pretty powerful and I’ve yet to encounter a tangible mess that it just couldn’t clean up. Lastly, it houses a liquid cleaning solution inside its own tank to help clean up the sticky mess on your hard surface floors.


When it sucks up solids, it stores them in a disposable pad that’s easy to replace and doesn’t let stuff fall back out of it. It has a magnetic charger that attaches and detaches easily, and we just haven’t used it long enough to kill the battery while cleaning our floors.

Refills are fairly economical for both the pad and cleaning solution, which also keeps the lifetime cost of ownership down. I’ve seen many people buy this after seeing us in action, and I think you’ll love it as much as they all have so far. Get it today and make cleaning your floors even easier.

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