I want to see these iMac features in every new Apple computer

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NS 24-inch iMac Apple came out with its own M1 chip this spring, but the addition of new silicon isn’t the only thing that makes this computer remarkable. Apple’s latest iMac is also first designed with the M1 in mind. it is different from First Wave of M1 Macs, which shared the exact same design as their earlier Intel-powered versions.

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in my M1 iMac . review ofOf course, I was obviously more excited about some of these new design and feature changes than I am about individual silicon. And Apple has since added some of these goodies, like a advanced camera And MagSafe Connection, For this new macbook pro laptop with M1 Pro and M1 Max Chips,

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Since Apple tends to keep its product lines looking and feeling cohesive, there’s a good chance that these improvements will cross over to other Macs sooner rather than later. Here are five features I’m looking forward to coming to more Macs in the future.

Apple iMac 2021 Color M1 .  with

new colors

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It’s been a long time since MAC came in serious colors. Sure, you’re able to get MacBooks in gray, silver, and a kind of muted gold, but let’s just say these were never vibrant, exciting shades. taking a page from Candy Colored CRT iMacs Of the last century, you can now get your iMac in seven colors, from deep purple to vibrant orange to plain old silver (please don’t just get plain silver). Apple hasn’t said whether these colors will be coming to other computers yet, but I’d bet that future MacBook Air buyers are already planning which colors to get — especially because there are already Rumors of new color options coming to the next MacBook Air.

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Or maybe just use Wi-Fi.

power brick with ethernet

Outside of gaming machines, these days it’s pretty rare to see an Ethernet jack built into a laptop body. But most desktops still have them, not just the new iMac. There, it’s unloaded onto the power brick, which makes sense for something you don’t need to plug or unplug on a regular basis. Just make sure the iMac you’re looking at includes an Ethernet jack — it’s a $30 add-on feature for the least expensive model. I could also see it as a way to add an Ethernet jack to a MacBook without the need for a USB-C dongle.

high-resolution camera


Shot on a 24-inch iMac with a 1,920×1,080 camera.

Current Macs with decent (1080p-resolution) cameras: the 27 inch Intel iMac And this 24-inch M1 iMac, Macs without decent cameras: everything else.

In a world full of zoom, having a good webcam is important, but this hardware spec has lagged behind in almost every laptop, including Windows and ChromeOS systems. How good is the iMac camera? I have installed the 20 lb 27 inch model in my house several times just to be used in meetings.

new macbook pro models Resolution from 720p to 1080p. extended to, and adding an advanced camera to more MacBooks will fill other weak spots in Apple’s hardware.

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iMac 2021 Color M1 .  with

Magnetic power cable on a 24-inch iMac.

magnetic power cable connection

The magnetic connection on the new iMac power cable seems like such a complex engineering feat that it’s hard to imagine it would be a one-time thing. Other iMac sizes and perhaps the Mac Mini or Mac Pro could benefit from this as well. and newer macbook models since MagSafe brought back the connection, it may be his spiritual successor (though in the long run, I still think it’s more useful to have a more universal USB-C power connection on a laptop,

iMac 2021 Color M1 .  with

You can’t mix and match accessories… yet.

personalized goods

The new iMac offers a choice of three different keyboard designs – standard, one with Touch ID sensor and one with number pad plus Touch ID – as well as a choice between a mouse and a stand-alone touchpad. Each of these devices also comes in all seven new iMac colors, though you can’t mix and match colors just yet.

But it’s only a matter of time before these accessories will be available la carte and you’ll be able to create a visual palette—for example, a combination of a blue iMac, green keyboard, and orange touchpad (I don’t know, maybe they’re the ones at your school). color or something). I hope those options will eventually be available to anyone with a Mac Mini, Mac Pro, or even a docked MacBook, if they want to add a splash of personalization.

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