The [email protected] Game Fest demo event is near, and will provide xbox Gamers get a chance to play dozens of free demos. The digital demo event is a part of The Game Awards 2021, which takes place on 9 December. In the case of the [email protected] Game Fest demo event, it starts on December 7.

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The demos players will be able to enjoy during the [email protected] Game Fest demo event are different from the traditional demos that often take place in the Xbox Live storefront. Rather than giving players a small portion of a full game, demos are an early pinnacle into games that are still in various stages of development. Additionally, they’ll only be available for a limited time, giving gamers the feeling of being at a gaming convention like E3 or Gamescom.


Starting on December 7th and running through December 21st, Xbox gamers will be able to play over 35 demos of yet-to-be-released titles on their Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. Xbox hasn’t released the full list yet, but perhaps some of them will eventually land on The Game Awards Best Indie nominations. In terms of the games that were confirmed, an Xbox Wire article highlighted five unique titles for the [email protected] Game Fest Demo Event.

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Players will be able to test their patience and bloodborne– Fight skills with dungeon crawler roguelike loot river, With unique gameplay that allows players to control both platforms in one tetrisLike the way and the player, the game features an art style that combines old school pixel art with a hand-drawn aesthetic. death trash There’s another game that players will be able to showcase with the [email protected] Game Fest demo event, a title that combines old school RPG elements with player freedom and action-packed gameplay.

black tail is an archery action title that is a retelling of a Baba Yaga origin story. During this, story of bistun is an action-adventure with a story centered on Persian mythology. Ultimately, no one saves the world is a unique RPG where players take on various forms to complete quests and explore a vast world. As well as enjoying titles during the demo period, some games may eventually be tied to Xbox Game Pass, such as no one saves the world The first day will release on Xbox Game Pass.

The full list of games for the [email protected] Game Fest demo event will be announced in the coming days. As well as giving [email protected] developers a chance to showcase their titles in a unique way, the digital demo event is also an exciting way to showcase what Xbox and other platforms can do with future events. It will be interesting to see if the early demos that would normally only be playable in person at E3, Gamescom, etc., will one day be playable at home for a limited amount of time as well.

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