annual Independent Sports Festival Awards The nominees for 2022 have been announced and once again, the judges have chosen some great and popular independent games that may fly under the radar for many gamers.

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The point of the Independent Games Festival Awards is usually to celebrate games that were often underestimated in the year of release. However, some breakout hits have also made their way to the awards in recent years. Was one of the big winners at last year’s awards Hades, Which began to be ignored before ending with a small mountain of praise after being universally praised by several different publications. hadis It even became the inaugural winner of the Hugo Award for Best Video Game.


This year’s Independent Game Awards festival once again focused on lesser-known games, such as encryption, Although not widely popular, encryption Being a deck-building card game was able to redefine what a horror game really was. The game’s creator, Daniel Mullins, said in an interview with Game Rent that he never intended to make the game outwardly scary and instead went for a more horror and intense style to hit the mark. seemed to. The Inscription was nominated for the Seamus McNally Grand Prize as well as the Excellence in Design category.

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Another Interesting Nominee at This Year’s Awards Was loop hero, which was another game that decided to go against the grain. In loop hero Players are not in control of the hero; instead, the character makes his way along a pre-made path across an empty landscape. The hero then kills enemies along the way for which he receives landscape cards that change the terrain and offer various effects such as healing and speed increases. It’s the eye-catching game design choice that prompted the judges to nominate the game for the Seamus McNally Grand Prize.

For the many people who play it, shell There’s another much-deserved nominee as the game was included in Nintendo’s list of the top 15 best-selling indie games of 2021. Many fans of the game felt that it should have been nominated for Best Indie Game at The Game Awards but the title, unfortunately, did not make the cut. With this announcement the fans of shell can finally feel satisfied that the game is getting some recognition that they think it deserves thanks to the game being nominated for the Seamus McNeely Grand Prize. While the list of candidates is strong, shell That may be all it takes to win it all.

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