There is nothing better than taking a break in the middle of a long adventure to pet a lovely dog. Canines can accompany fellow players, aid them in battle, or simply serve as a nice break after a particularly difficult mission. In recent years, dog-pet-ability has become a factor used to classify and rate games, along with parameters such as graphical quality and loading times.

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Founded by Tristan Cooper in March 2019, the Twitter account CanYouPetTheDog regularly tweets announcements about whether you can raise dogs or dog-like creatures in various sports. The popularity of the account has led many game developers to add dog-petting as a mechanic. New pet dogs include Cerberus in hadis and an unnamed puppy in Crosscode. A dog-petting-themed Humble Bundle was also made available in late 2020.


Now, online pet insurance resource Protect My Pause has created a series of images ranking the most pet dogs in video games, including a breakdown by console and another list of currently un-pettable dogs players have played with. want to have a conversation. Protect My Pause did its research by comparing the number of likes on various tweets by CanUpdateDog, as well as reviews of these games on Steam that refer specifically to dogs.

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According to study results, the most popular pet dog overall is Polterpup, a ghostly dog ‚Äč‚Äčthat appears in both Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon And Luigi’s Mansion 3. Tweet discussing Polterpup Luigi’s Mansion 3 It garnered 124,729 likes, which is almost double any other tweet on the account. Polterpup is liked because of his mischievous personality, his genuine devotion to Luigi, and his reaction to petting, which is to lick Luigi in the face.

Protect My Pause’s research into what dog players most wanted to pet yielded surprising results. The players most interested in petting the Hellhound bloodborne, which can currently only be driven away using weapons or the in-game item Pageant Blood. Other games with dogs that gamers hope to pet in the future include: jenshin effect, among us, doom eternal, And shadow of the Colossus.


Breakdown by console revealed the most popular pet dog on PC comes from the aptly titled Dog Petting Simulator. was also popular Far Cry 6In which players can raise both dog and crocodile. Far Cry 6, which features a paraplegic dachshund named Chorizo, who has been ranked No. 1 for best dog-petting on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. That’s not surprising as a Polterpup-like chorizo, which enthusiastically licks the players on petting.

Polterpup first arrived for the Nintendo Switch, with Palmutes monster hunter rise, which can even react to players’ expressions in seconds. Other games with highly ranked pet dogs include overland, enter the Gunjan, As Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.


CanYouPetTheDog continues to tweet about pets on a regular basis, as well as those that just can’t be petted. It remains to be seen whether dog petting will be linked to this study in Bloodborne and other titles.

Source: protect my paws

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