In Animal Crossing, holiday shopping is ‘Nook Friday,’ not Black Friday

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30 percent off everything? Great deal!

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From today until November 30 (next Tuesday), some of our favorite virtual shoppers are having a “Nook Friday” sale Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Via eurogamer) If you’re back from a recent update to the game, this could be your chance to save 30 percent on items on the island or in-game gifts – I’m currently trying to decide if my wife has whether the train set will be virtual, or a real life air fryer,


In the holiday spirit, you can even pick up some virtual gifts for friends, especially if Timmy and Tommy stock items you know will fit. Completely In their kitchen (a room they can actually use now thanks to the new cooking mechanic). You can visit our sister site polygon‘s The Complete Guide to Sending Gifts in ACNH, but tl; The DR is that you go to Dodo Airlines and interact with the card rack. From there, you attach items using the gift icon, allowing you to send a thrifty (yet discreet) gift to your friend.

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Got anything that’s free?

If, for some reason, your friends and family love “real life” gifts, stay tuned ledge Today, where we’re tracking down the best Black Friday deals. We also have a live blog if you’re the type of person who wants to jump on deals.

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