Inside Bonfire Peaks – the atmospheric puzzle game about burning your belongings

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Hello PlayStation Blog! I’m Corey Martin, designer, programmer, and musician at Bonfire Peaks, a new puzzle game produced in partnership with Drakeneck & Friends (creator/publisher of A Monsters Expedition). I’m happy to report that Bonfire Peaks will launch on September 30th on both PS4 and PS5!

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In Bonfire Peaks, you start at the edge of a mysterious island with a simple set of goals: climb ruins, solve puzzles, and repeatedly set fire to your belongings. To summarize it quickly here is our launch trailer:


Over 200 handcrafted puzzles are tied together in that painstakingly designed overworld. Each puzzle presents a different idea, either showing you a new mechanic or using a mechanic in a new and unique way. Along your journey, you’ll run into traps and other dangers that lead to stunning, casual puzzle designs. You do not gain any power-ups, or evolve as a player character; Instead, the geometry and atmosphere of the level reveal possibilities that have always existed.

Have you ever played a game and your further progress has been blocked by a puzzle, and it seems that the puzzle is an obstacle between you and the rest of the game? I have and it feels bad. In Bonfire Peaks, the island overworld is structured in such a way that, once you’ve passed the first couple puzzles, there are always a handful available to you at any given time. If you get stuck on one puzzle, you can always try another and progress without falling back on the first one (unless you want to, of course!).

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I started working on Bonfire Peaks in November 2018 as part of a game jam whose theme was “Sacrifices Must Be Made”. I went into the jam knowing that I wanted to make a game about climbing somehow, and then the subject prompted an object to be sacrificed. Carrying luggage makes the climb harder, so that kind of ends up as a sad game about nostalgia.

The art style was inspired by a wave of incredible vocal artists (Noss, Madamarka, Paul Rihle, Dima, among many others) that I had been following for some time. Normally when you see voxel art in video games it’s less detail and lovely, which is great, but I hope we get to see a lot of “mature” cube-y games. There is such a wide range of moods and styles within pixel art, I think tone art has the same potential.

In the nearly 3 years that Bonfire Peaks has been in development, it has repeatedly grown in scope and ambition as I collaborated with game designer Alan Hazelden (A Monsters Expedition) as well as prolific voxel artists Mari Kay (aka Madamarka) and Zach Soares. collaborated with. (Moonglow Bay). I’m pretty close to it now, but I really think we’ve built something special here.

The PS5 version of Bonfire Peaks has an activity card for each puzzle level in the game. Attached to each one is a hint video that shows you how to solve the puzzle. By using the Game Help feature, PlayStation Plus customers can get specialized help without worrying about future puzzles or messing up the mechanics. You can check out as many solutions as you want before jumping back and completing it yourself. There’s a lot of joy in discovering solutions, so we hope you’ll give each puzzle a fair shot first, but we’re not going to be thorough and don’t believe there’s a right or wrong way to enjoy the game. . Game Help is an amazing accessibility feature that we are proud to support.

Finally, we’re pleased to announce that we’re also launching a Bonfire Peaks Game and Soundtrack Bundle on PlayStation 30 on September 30th, which includes the original soundtrack and the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game. The music is equal parts warm, beautiful, and disturbing, and I think that’s really a big part of what makes Bonfire Peaks special. It is very directly inspired by some of my favorite musicians like Philip Glass and Angelo Badalamenti, as well as great songwriters like Burt Bacharach and Brian Wilson. I really like the mood it sets, and I hope you do too. Soundtracks, games, all of it; I hope you check out Bonfire Peaks and enjoy your time with it.

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