Inside Chris Christie’s breakup with Trump

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Chris Christie told me on “Nerdshala on HBO” that he and President Trump haven’t spoken until January 6, when Christie tried to reach his friend of 20 years — and Trump never picked up the phone.

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Running news: The former governor told me during our one-hour interview at his home in New Jersey, “I tried to call him…

  • “I called Kellyanne Conway first, And I said to him: ‘Have you spoken to him?’ And he said he didn’t. And he said: ‘I think we both need to call him.’ And I said: ‘Absolutely.’ So I called again the Secretary to the President… could not be found. Then I called his body boy. Didn’t pick up I called the president’s cell phone again, and he didn’t pick up.”

the two were ever so close Christie called him “Donald” even when he was in the White House. Right after Christie arrives on the Sunday show, the President will call her in the car and criticize her appearance.

  • “I was desperate to try to make contact with him,” Christie told me, “because I felt like what was happening was terrible and was going to be a stain on his presidency, and I wanted him to stand and stop him. But he didn’t pick up the phone, and so I said what I would have told him to air privately on ABC.”

Christie, who is playing outside A potential run for president in 2024, said he still considers Trump a friend, and would still have backed him over President Biden.

  • But Christie was serious On Trump’s disapproval of Mike Pence for not going along with lies about the election: “I think it was a terrible act for a vice president who was exceptionally loyal, and a man who was so much better.” “

Christie – Out Tomorrow with “Republican Defense,” which includes his recipe for the GOP — propelling his party to move beyond 2020.

  • “If we waste our time As Republicans are talking about an election we lost, we are going to lose future elections,” he said.
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Made it clear He won’t bully Trump, with Christie taking a tough shot at potential 2024 candidates who are planning to decide whether to run based on the former president.

  • “Those people Those who say they will defy Donald Trump have disqualified themselves from being president,” Christie said.[Y]If you think you’re the best person, you shouldn’t be putting off anyone.”


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