Instagram adds scheduling and ‘practice mode’ features for Live creators

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Instagram today announced the launch of some new tools aimed at meeting the needs of live creators. Now, creators will be able to create buzz for their upcoming live by scheduling it up to 90 days in advance, then sharing the news across Instagram to alert their fans. It’s also preparing to roll out a new feature called “Practice Mode,” which will allow creators to test their connections, lighting, and manage any other pre-show prep before a scheduled event for their guests. allows you to join.

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The latter is a feature creators have been asking for some time, Instagram says.

Meanwhile, the ability to schedule Instagram Live videos puts Instagram on an even higher footing with other live platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, as well as Instagram parent, Facebook.


YouTube has long had tools that help creators the schedule Live stream in advance to kick-start promotional efforts. And in 2018, it expanded its capabilities so that creators can schedule the release of their pre-recorded videos via the Premiere feature, which offers similar functionality — access to Super Chat, for example. Last year, it also added a pre-show option.

Facebook Live has also offered creators tools for many years, including scheduling, marketing, and pre-broadcast lobbies.

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Meanwhile, TikTok has rolled out a set of creator tools this year itself, including the ability to schedule TikTok Live videos, as it continues to fully adopt the live format.

Instagram says its new live scheduling feature will be available to creators globally. And after scheduling their upcoming live video, they’ll be able to share that scheduled content directly with their followers via both their Stories and Feed posts.

Followers can then use the tool to set reminders so they don’t miss out on live videos from their favorite creators.

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The launch comes as the market for live content is heating up. In addition to enabling real-time e-commerce — an area where Instagram has a deep investment — Instagram’s biggest rival, TikTok, is also working to make its live content a bigger part of the overall user experience. Not only do users randomly come across live videos as they scroll through their TikTok feed, it also recently introduced a new way to navigate through live videos by category using the “explore” button within the live section. method is presented.

Instagram, on the other hand, has been improving its video strategy in recent times. This month, it said it was dropping the “IGTV” brand, and would instead merge that long-form video with Feed video. As part of this effort, it rebranded the IGTV app, which will now be home to all Instagram videos, including Lives, with the exception of Reels.

However, Reel remains a central location in the main Instagram app, where it can be accessed from the center button, users’ profiles, explore, and hashtag pages.

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