Instagram is testing vertical Stories that work a lot like TikTok

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After confirming that vertical scrolling was in development for Stories in 2021, Instagram is starting to test the feature in select countries.

Instagram Stories There’s the company’s take on tapping through short stories that can last up to ten seconds, in both photos or videos. You can add to a GIF, tag someone, add filters, and more so you can update your followers on what you’re up to at the time.


But when you decide to go to the next or previous story, you’ll need to tap left or right in certain areas of the story to perform these actions. This can be problematic because some tags placed in a story may overlap, so you can skip the story when you want to tap the tagged person or location in question.

Navigating through your stories by swiping will reduce this, and while there’s a good chance its similarity with TikTok will be mentioned, it’s a better approach for everyone, especially if you primarily use Stories on Instagram. use.

Analysis: This will matter to heavy Stories users

Recent updates, such as the ability to post from web browser or Switch to Dark Mode Theme Received well, vertical scrolling will mean a lot to other users.

The company is introducing features to better rival TikTok in video content, such as reels and capacity Add web link to story,

However, since Instagram confirmation of That vertical scrolling was under development, with users waiting to see if it would be implemented. A year later, we get confirmation that it is being tested, at least in countries like Turkey.

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As smartphones get bigger or foldable, it’s going to get more frustrating for users to tap the left side of the screen to go back to the story.

Swiping up or down is a more engaging way to navigate your stories. This is TikTok’s main way of browsing videos in its app, and it will be a welcome change to Instagram Stories.

with chronological feed Coming out soon, Swiping in Story could be the next big feature for 2022.

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