Earlier this week, the Consumer Electronic Show has been the focus of announcements from some of the biggest names in the tech industry. From God of war PC gameplay footage, from the announcement of the upcoming entry-level graphics card, to it, has gone awry. Now, with the final moments of the event approaching, there is no more news from anyone else than Intel, with word that its more recent i9-12900K processor is being followed.

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According to a recent report from PC Gamer, an Intel spokesperson took to the stage at CES 2022 to confirm its latest flagship CPU, the i9-12900KS. As the name suggests, this is a somewhat enhanced variation on its most recent processor, showing it already game-like. hitman 3, in which monitoring software shows it runs about 100 MHz faster than its predecessor. At this stage, there doesn’t seem to be any information on pricing or exact release date.


The Intel i9-12900K recently came out, and is believed to be a very powerful CPU, especially when it comes to gaming. This new iteration is probably a response to bitter rivals AMD, who recently announced a new processor, the Ryzen 7000 Zen 4. The two groups appear to be locked in a battle to see which product will be better at the start of this year. And all this as Intel is getting ready to launch its series of Arc graphics cards in the market, which, again, will pit it against AMD, not to mention Nvidia.

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A photo of an Intel i9-12900k processor reclining its display box.

As Intel begins shipping its Alchemist chips to OEMs ready to manufacture, the California-based tech corporation appears to be in for a busy year. Its own GPUs are due out soon, either the Q1 or Q2, and will go up against the likes of Nvidia’s upcoming RTX cards, probably not the tough 3090 Ti. While “Team Blue” isn’t aiming for the higher end of the market out of the gate, a roadmap has revealed the possibility of the company releasing new products in its Arc range over the next three or four years. It remains to be seen how well it performs against the competition.

i9-12900KS, and with Alchemist graphics card, Intel is also developing its own image upscaling technology. Xe Super Sampling is already getting support from big studios like Ubisoft and Kojima Productions. The announcement of its latest i9 CPU is yet another piece of hardware that will be battling for technological supremacy in the coming months.

Source: pc gamer

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