Intel is already shipping mobile Alder Lake-P chips to hardware designers

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Intel recently released its 12th-gen Elder Lake processors for desktops, and is now preparing to launch a mobile version of the chip by shipping it to laptop makers.

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The tech giant confirmed via Twitter that it has started the shipping phase for the Elder Lake-P CPUs for customers. In this case, it doesn’t mean the general public, but rather various hardware companies that may start to incorporate the chip into their laptops.

Another Incredible 12th Generation @intel Key Milestone: Today, we begin shipping our high-performance mobile processors to customers! Congratulations to our Intel teams around the world for their hard work & amp; Commitment to deliver this product. #Intel Core

— Gregory M. Bryant (@gregorymbryant) November 22, 2021

If the leaked benchmarks are taken into account, the mobile CPUs from Elder Lake will surely offer various performance enhancements as compared to their Tiger Lake predecessors. It will be based on a hybrid architecture that takes advantage of both the Golden Cove high-performance cores and the Gracemont power-efficient cores.


The lower-end model of the Elder Lake-P is said to include two Golden Cove Performance (P) cores, as well as eight Gracemont Efficiency (E) cores. The higher-end variants of the mobile CPU will reportedly be powered by six P-cores and eight E-cores. Based on the rumours, the top Elder Lake-P chip will offer 14 cores and 20 threads.

The Elder Lake-S desktop processors have already demonstrated that they can outperform many of the leading CPUs on the market. If recent reports are any indication, the laptop version of the chip will serve as a performance powerhouse as well.

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A benchmark test for the Elder Lake-P Core 7-12700H model indicates that the upcoming laptop CPU can beat AMD’s flagship processor by up to 35%. It was found to be 45% faster in multi-core operations than the previous generation Core i7-11700H.

Another benchmark for the Intel Core i7-12700H highlighted how it comfortably came out on top when performing against Apple’s own silicon. Testing showed that the Elder Lake-P could be about 50% faster than the M1 Max chip.

In addition to the i7-12700H, the other two models in the Alder Lake-P series that we currently know about are the i7-12800H and i9-12900HK. When the latter was benchmarked, it dominance Competing processors such as the Apple M1 Max and AMD Ryzen 9 5980HX.

It looks like Elder Lake will see Intel regain some of the lost market share in the near future, after which it will face off against Team Red next year with AMD’s Zen 4 Ryzen 6000 processors.

Intel is expected to officially introduce its Elder Lake-P mobile processors at CES 2022, the tech event scheduled to take place during the first week of January. as reported by video cardsRumors suggest that the Elder Lake-P will debut the first laptop generation to be offered with Intel’s Ark Alchemist GPU.

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