Intel is betting big on liquid immersion cooling

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Intel announces a new partnership that will see the company expand its exploration liquid immersion cooling, a technique by which Server The hardware is submerged in tanks of non-conductive fluid.

The firm will collaborate with Green Revolution Cooling (GRC), a liquid immersion company, to address the various challenges facing the data center industry today from a performance, cost and sustainability perspective.


The pair will develop custom solutions for racks powered by Intel Xeon CPUs and will work together to ensure that the new dielectric fluids entering the market are safe to use and compatible with hardware development.

liquid immersion cooling

Although liquid immersion dates back to 1985, when it was deployed in the Cray-2 supercomputer, the technology has attracted increasing interest over the years as data center operators using more durable and effective ways to keep their hardware cool. seek.

Traditionally, facilities operated by Cloud Providers such as AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud have relied on air conditioning and liquid cooling. But these methods are inefficient, expensive and resource-intensive, especially when the facilities are located in tropical climates.

Not only is liquid immersion cooling more environmentally friendly (since much less energy is required), but recent research It also suggests that the technology has several performance benefits as well, courtesy of better thermal management.

It also opens up opportunities where rack design and facility layout are concerned. Because there is no longer a need for bulky heatsinks, a large number of servers can be squeezed into a much smaller area.

According to Intel, its new partnership will help deliver “state-of-the-art technologies” that deliver greater efficiency and density for both data center and edge deployments, in addition to environmental benefits.

Mohan Kumar, Senior Fellow, Intel, said, “Through this collaboration, we are able to provide customers with custom solutions to meet their computing and cooling needs to ensure that data centers are more environmentally sensitive. work the way it is.”

The deal with GRC is the second such partnership announced by Intel in recent months. In August, the company teamed up with Submar, another liquid immersion cooling company, to build open industry-standard solutions that support next-generation data centers.

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