Intel Raptor Lake flagship again rumored to be a 24-core CPU

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Intel’s 13th-gen processors are due to land at some point later this year, and that flagship Raptor Lake CPU has been seen again, this time in a leaked bootlog from the chip giant.

This was spotted by Coelacanth’s Dream (as highlighted by Tom’s Hardware) and reinforces what is already rumored to be what will likely be the Core i9-13900K, namely core configurations and counts.


As detailed in the bootlog leak, this Raptor Lake chip will have 24-cores, with a total of 32-threads. This suggests that the 13900K has 8 performance cores – mirroring Elder Lake, as expected, as the 13th-gen is a simple refresh of current CPUs – and 16 efficiency cores (the latter doesn’t have Hyper-Threading, Hence the thread count of 32).

Compared to Elder Lake, this means the flagship can run with the same amount of performance cores, but double the efficiency on cores; A big boost on that front.

The leaked engineering sample’s clock speed – 1.8GHz – is clearly not what the finished processor will run on, and it’s par for the course with a chip in development that’s still some time away from release.

Also of interest here is that Raptor Lake doesn’t support AVX-512 instructions, but then neither does Elder Lake – officially, anyway – so it’s no surprise, again, that next-gen chips will essentially be the same as the current 12. -Gen model at heart (so rumoured), simply revamped and awarded for improved performance.

Analysis: More proof of how much to expect from the Raptor Lake flagship

Leaks for the alleged Raptor Lake flagship have previously seen configurations of 8 performance cores and 16 efficiency cores, including a recently dropped benchmark. So this latest view – even though we should take it with caution as always – adds to the plethora of evidence that this will be the configuration of the top-end 13th-gen processors.

Next-gen flagship CPUs will not only see increased performance due to potentially much higher-efficiency cores, but also with Intel being able to push clock speeds a bit further, and further architectural refinements that allow for more distributed performance. IPC (Instructions Per Clock) will do.

Of course, seeing this bootlog is also a sign of Intel progressing well with Raptor Lake, which is expected to be here sooner than we think, in 2022 — the rumor mill has hinted that a Q3 launch will take place. possible.

Earlier this week during CES 2022, Team Blue confirmed that Raptor Lake is on track, but as we don’t have an official launch deadline for later this year, we still don’t know for sure. That it could be Q3 or Q4. ,

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