Intel’s new anti-Apple ad is just cringe

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We have high hopes under the leadership of an Intel engineer. You know, less of the marketing crap of recent years and more about fixing the hardware. We’ve got Elder Lake on the way, which is looking promising, and its first discrete graphics card in a long time, Alchemist, will appear sometime in the new year. The server room also has sapphire rapids for the big boys. all good things.

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Which is even more encouraging in its latest anti-Apple ad called “Breaking the Spell: Social Experiment.” I mean it’s just bad. and inauspicious. And well, you can’t help wondering why another senior didn’t step in and tell them to stop being so absurd.

You can watch it above, but I’ll warn you for now, it’s not pretty.


The premise is that Intel deceives a group of Apple fanboys and fangirls into its presentation of new hardware only to pretend they’re actually Intel PCs and laptops already available.

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That’s probably fine in an alternate universe where Apple fans didn’t know PCs existed or what they looked like, but in this universe, the whole thing is just ridiculous.

The software side of things isn’t even mentioned at all. Which is a big deal for these poor guys and girls under Apple’s magic. I mean I’m not a fan of Apple, not by a long shot, but even I know the Apple ecosystem is at least a small factor in why its machines are popular.

But the brand too, and what people perceive it to be about you, is just as important to hardcore fans, which is often much more than technology. It certainly sounds like this ad is misunderstanding something fundamental to the psychology of brand loyalty.

Come on Intel, you’re better than this. Attacking Apple in this way does more harm to itself than it does to Apple. Go back to sorting out the hardware, and leave this crap on parody sites.

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