Introducing Asterigos, a new high-fantasy action RPG

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Greetings everyone. We are Acme GameStudio, an independent developer from Taiwan. Today, we are pleased to present Asterigos, a 3D Action RPG set in a high fantasy world, with exciting combat encounters, interconnected maps full of adventure for you to do, and an immersive story.

It begins with a young warrior who begins a quest

Hilda, a brave Northwind Legion warrior, tries to find her lost father and enters the mythical cursed city of Ephes. He will realize the rise and fall of a great city, watch history as it is, and face difficult choices that will shape the fate of the entire kingdom.


Aphes. Explore the magnificent city of

The events of the game take place in Ephes, a city-state inspired by ancient Rome and classical Greek designs, and full of magic and wonder. From mist-covered market streets to gloomy sewers, from bucolic forests on the outskirts of the city to deep moats filled with gleaming crystals, the landscapes of Efes are full of beauty and danger.

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Poisonous vines can put you to death, or lethal arrow traps will injure the trap unnecessarily. And deadly creatures lurk in the shadows: werewolves that will launch surprise attacks from above rooftops, ax-wielding beasts… even fire-breathing Caledonian boars.

Combat enemies with skill and style

Hilda’s combat choices are largely tied to her character’s progression. The talent system allows you to choose and expand your fighting style by choosing two completely different weapons out of six: sword and shield, dual blade, spear, hammer, staff or magic bracelet.

For example, dual blades are sharp weapons that can help you dive in and out of combat quickly, while the Magic Staff is designed for longer ranges, allowing you to fire from a safe distance to defeat the enemy. Can shoot bullets. There are over 60 different monsters to fight, and over 20 unique bosses to face up to the challenge. Customize your fighting style and skills to defeat them!

Story and character development matters

We like to portray Hilda as a young, brave, yet courageous warrior based on the medieval-fantasy style of adventurer. She is naive, pure, but also kind and impulsive. Her journey in Ephes will lead her to discover the truth behind the city’s curse, allowing you to piece together its history through conversations, discovered documents, and cinematics, as well as Hilda’s own diary, which She will update with sketches and comments during her visit.

As a Northwind warrior, all of her weapons are handcrafted by Hilda and will change shape based on her moves during battle. For example, his staff will change when you activate his sniper-like attack, or his shield will expand as it unleashes magical, defensive barriers.

Stay tuned for more news updates in the coming months. Asterigos will be coming to PS4 by late spring 2022, with an increase to the PS5 version due in autumn.

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