iOS 16: These are the six most important iPhone updates this fall

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This fall, your iPhone might look like you just pulled it out of the box and it’s brand new again.

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On Monday, Apple introduced iOS 16the latest version of its operating system for the iPhone, during its keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

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Along with the iPhone, Apple has detailed major software updates for other products, including the iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. The tech giant also unveiled a new MacBook Air laptop that will be released next month.

The software updates will be made available to consumers in a public beta that will launch next month and be widely rolled out this fall.

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Every year, the release of a new iOS brings features that make some iPhone owners feel like they just got a brand new smartphone.

Of all the new touches added to the iPhone this fall, these are the top five features available in iOS 16.

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Cancel sending messages or edit them after

Apple has several updates planned for its Messages app, but the most notable is that users will get the option to edit a message after it’s been sent, or unsend it entirely.

Users will have up to 15 minutes to unsend or edit a message, according to Apple. What’s not clear is whether this only works with other users in messages, or will work when sent to a person on an Android device. It probably won’t work because this green bubble in a thread means the message was sent via MMS/SMS, not iMessage, says Apple.

Lock screens with more personality

While it’s not an always-on lock screen as many have assumed, custom lock screens are also welcome.

Users can apply different styles and fonts, as well as additional information like mini-widgets that can show weather, activity, alarms, and more. The widgets are similar to the ones you can add to the Apple Watch face.

Perhaps the best part? No more lock screen wallpaper images that display a clock over someone’s face.

But that’s not all. Users can create custom lock screens based on when they’re at work or at home, bottom-up notifications, and real-time actions that provide more reliable information during a live event.

Customers will be able to use Apple Pay later wherever Apple Pay is accepted and split their purchases into four installments, which will be paid for over six weeks.

Apple Pay later

Apple is implementing the “buy now, pay later” principle with its own service. Apple Pay later allows users to split an Apple Pay purchase into four payments within six weeks with zero interest or fees.

However, interest and fees are due if you still have a balance after six weeks. Apple says the service is available wherever Apple Pay is accepted online or in apps.

Apple CarPlay

Apple updates in-car CarPlay system. Changes include updated Apple-style odometers, trip info widgets, navigation tools, and weather data. You can also do things like adjust the temperature in your car without leaving CarPlay. iPhone communicates with your car’s systems in real time to display all the information in CarPlay. In addition, you can customize how this information is displayed.

Access Keys: The End of Passwords?

What if your iPhone essentially becomes your passcode? Passkeys offers a new way to sign in to services or websites with your iPhone as a way to sign in with Touch ID or Face ID.

So long, passwords? Portable digital IDs can replace them

security check

Apple said it worked with domestic violence groups to create a Safety Check app to help people in situations of domestic violence or intimate partner violence. The app allows users to quickly update who has access to their accounts or location, and offers an emergency reset of all your account permissions. It can also restrict access to apps like Messages or FaceTime to just your device.

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