Why is it important: Rumors that the iPhone will finally have Always On Screen technology have been circulating for some time. Recent information from the iOS 16 beta gives these rumors more credibility than ever. The final piece of evidence has to do with something people might not think about — wallpaper.

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Data 9to5Mac found in the iOS 16 beta on how it handles wallpapers confirms rumors that the iPhone 14 Pro will include an always-on screen. The beta references the technology in other areas as well.

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The preset wallpapers for iOS 16 will be layered to have two modes. The “sleep” status displays all wallpapers in a dark, faded state, presumably to appear when the iPhone is in sleep mode. Only an iPhone with an always-on screen could use this feature.

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Upcoming iOS 16 promises drastically change how the lock screen and widgets work, ensuring consistent use. The always-on screen will never turn off completely, displaying certain information even when the device is in sleep mode. This could be clock, battery status, or information from widgets. The screen will save battery life with a variable refresh rate that can go up to 1Hz.

The Apple Watch and other smartphones have been using this technology for a long time. iPhone always-on screen rumors began with iphone 13 pro. Instead, it comes with a ProMotion screen that dynamically adjusts the refresh rate between 120Hz and 10Hz. Reducing the minimum frequency to 1Hz could be the latest step towards the always-on screen that is currently being rumored. to tell iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be presented.

Apple plans to release these and other iPhone 14 models this fall with iOS 16 public beta. Previously, references to always-on features related to backlight, lock screen, and home screen appeared in the iOS 16 public beta, which began at the beginning of July.

Other iPhone 14 rumors indicate that it will feature a much-improved 48-megapixel camera and an Apple A16 processor. Using the same 5nm process technology as the A15 and A14, the A16 can sentence 15% CPU performance improvement and 30% GPU performance improvement. It can also upgrade LPDDR4 RAM to LPDDR5 to improve memory bandwidth.