iPhone 13 mini pre-orders: the best deals and where to buy this great little device

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Apple Mini pre-order deal will be live Friday 17 September on several major carriers. We’ve rounded up all the best options for saving some cash below—though note, some carriers have yet to officially confirm their promotional details. However, we have included those iPhone 13 pre-order deals based on previous device launches that we think are likely to result from them.

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Launching at a (relatively) low price of $699, the iPhone 13 mini becomes the cheapest device out of the four new 13-series flagships. Don’t discount it though – the inclusion of the latest Apple A15 Bionic processor makes it just as powerful in every way as its bigger sibling. New camera upgrades and an upgraded, brighter screen mean you’re getting a lot of technology under the hood here—even if the overall aesthetic of the device is relatively unchanged from the previous iPhone 12 mini.

As always with high-end flagship devices, the best iPhone 13 mini deals usually always revolve around trading in older devices. Apple, Verizon, and AT&T all have (or will soon have options) for free devices, so this is definitely the way to go if this isn’t your first Apple device. However, if that’s the case, you might want to consider checking out Visible’s free gifts below—available to all new customers switching from another carrier.


If you want to read a little more about this new device, we’ve included a mini-review right below our roundup of this week’s best iPhone 13 mini deals. You’ll also get a full specs breakdown if you want to see how this small but powerful device measured up to the competition.

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iPhone 13 Mini Deals for Pre-Orders

iPhone 13 Mini Pre-Order Deals Live on Friday:

Apple iPhone 13 Mini: Trade-in at AT&T and Save $700 With the New Unlimited Plan
You’ll be able to score an iPhone 13 mini for free with AT&T’s early round of deals when it goes live this Friday. Eligible to trade-in and new unlimited data plans, there’s a maximum savings of up to $700 on the card, plus potential opt-in to AT&T’s ‘Next’ upgrade program. Customers can also get $200 off the Apple Watch Series 7 when they buy two devices.
Total cost: $0 | Monthly cost: $0 (30 months)View Deals

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Apple iPhone 13 Mini: $699 Free with an eligible trade-in at Apple
Apple isn’t exactly known for its value, but the official trade-in program is offering massive savings of up to $730 on the iPhone 13 mini at launch. It’s Really The Biggest We’ve Seen From Apple Yet And That’s Enough right now Cover the full cost of the device. For the hunters of unlocked iPhone 13 mini deals, this is going to be your best bet.
Total cost: $0 (maximum savings)View Deals

Apple iPhone 13 Mini: $100 off pre-order bonus (confirmed), plus $800 off with trade-in (required)
Walmart has confirmed a nifty $100 bonus savings for all iPhone 13 mini deals at launch — though we expect it to offer some hefty trade-ins as well. Nothing’s confirmed yet, but based on what’s offered on the 12 Mini, we can guess anything in the ballpark of $700 to $800 as a safe guess. In theory, here should cover the full cost of the device.
Total cost: $0 (AT&T) | $0 (Verizon)View Deals

Apple iPhone 13 Mini: $200 gift card, plus free HomePod Mini with Switch on Visible
Visible’s cheap unlimited 5G data plan could be a great pairing with this device, and thankfully, it’s offering its own set of iPhone 13 mini deals at launch as well. There’s a $200 online gift card and a free HomePod Mini smart speaker for pretty much anywhere to spend. Put together, this isn’t a small freebie by any stretch of the imagination, but take note – this is for new customers. In college.
Total cost: $699View Deals

iPhone 13 Mini Pre-Order Deals We Expect:

Apple iPhone 13 Mini: Save up to $700 with a trade-in, plus $500 with a Switch at Verizon
We haven’t received any confirmation with Verizon’s initial set of iPhone 13 mini deals for pre-orders, but we suspect it will closely follow those offered on the 12 mini over the past few months. A typical deal is a trade-in discount of up to $700 (enough to cover the device), plus a Excessive $500 discount for those who port their number from another carrier.
Total cost: $0 (w/ business) | Monthly cost: $0 (24 months)View Deals

Apple iPhone 13 Mini: Save up to $900 by trading at Best Buy
We expect Best Buy, like Walmart, to focus mostly on trade-in discounts for its initial set of iPhone 13 mini deals. It usually has fairly good rates which are often in some cases higher than the rates offered by the carriers themselves. There could also be a possibility of an activation discount, although we are only guessing for now….
Total cost: $0 (AT&T) | $0 (Verizon) | $0 (Sprint / T-Mobile)View Deals

iPhone 13 Mini Deals: What You Need to Know

The iPhone 13 Mini is Apple’s second-generation ‘palm-friendly’ flagship and comes in at a wallet-pleasing $699 instead of $699 at launch. This is the same as last year’s iPhone 12 mini and makes it easily the cheapest of the four new 2021 devices from Apple.

Don’t discount it though – even though it’s cheaper (and a bit smaller), it’s rocking all those latest improvements under the hood. Notably, a new A15 Bionic chip, upgraded camera sensor, and brighter OLED display mean you’re easily getting one of the most powerful devices on the market here.

Externally, the iPhone 13 Mmni looks very similar to last year’s iteration. Small changes to the rear camera housing (now placed diagonally) and the front camera housing (20% smaller) are the major differences, but otherwise, it’s business as usual with its square edges. That said, it’s what’s inside that matters with the 13 Mini — both with a new chip and a new screen, as well, with a beefier battery.

As a slightly more specialized device, the biggest competition for the iPhone 13 mini is surprisingly going to come from last year’s iPhone 12 mini. Both are 5G devices and the 12 Mini is now retailing for an attractive $599 since the launch of the 13 Mini. If you’re looking to save a bit of cash and are willing to skip some of the bells and whistles, it might be worth going for the older device here.

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