iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have more storage, more zoom and more power

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In case you missed it, Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 at its big annual event alongside the new iPad (2021), iPad Mini (2021), and Apple Watch 7 — and discontinued four new smartphones from the line. Has been done. iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max.

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These two high-end smartphones have several top-notch features including powerful cameras, a high-spec chipset, and 5G connectivity, so they earn their place as the new flagship devices from the company. They replace the iPhone 12 Pro models, although they are quite similar in some key areas.

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Let’s start with the new features. The A15 Bionic chipset is apparently the “world’s fastest smartphone chip” according to the Apple website, and it promises to be great for gaming, video editing and AI tasks. The phone also comes in a 1TB storage option, which is twice as much as Apple’s previous phones, for those with a lot of data they want to store.


The screen is now up to 120Hz, a feature phone fans have been demanding for a while, though it’s an adaptive refresh rate, so you’ll only hit it for certain tasks. This means the display can refresh 120 times per second instead of 60 times like previous iPhones, which can give a smoother look to motion.

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There are some improvements in the camera system like a new 3x zoom telephoto lens, a new macro mode (which was not there in earlier iPhones) for close-up photography, pro video shooting and better Night mode.

Oh, and if we can jump into opinion territory for a bit: We’re big fans of the new iPhone 13 Pro colors, as it comes in lovely gold and blue tones as well as plain graphite and silver options.

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Other than that, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are similar to their predecessors. Their displays are 6.1 and 6.7 inches respectively, they have three rear cameras and a front 12MP camera, they work with Apple’s MagSafe accessories, they support wireless charging, they have Lightning ports for slow charging , and they come in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. Storage version as well as new 1TB option.

If you can see beyond Apple’s massive superlatives, these new iPhones aren’t exactly a big step up from the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, but the tweaks may appeal to some people. Plus, while the prices are mostly the same, each phone in the UK is actually £50 cheaper than its iPhone 12 series counterpart. Bargain! You can see the rest of the price below.

iphone 13 pro prices
storage options US price UK price AU value
128GB $999 £949 $1,349
256 GB $1,099 £1,049 $1,869
512GB $1,299 £1,249 $2,219
1TB $1,499 £1,449 $2,569

iphone 13 pro max prices
storage options US price UK price AU value
128GB $1,099 £1,049 $1,849
256 GB $1,199 £1,149 $2,019
512GB $1,399 £1,349 $2,369
1TB $1,599 £1,549 $2,719

The iPhone 13 Pro models are now available to check out from Apple’s website. Their sale will start from September 24 and its pre-orders will start from September 17.

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