iPhone 13 Pro line finally gets 1TB of storage, creating the most expensive iPhone ever

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The iPhone 13 Pro line combines storage-intensive features like ProRes, a high-quality video recording system.

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Apple‘s iphone 13 pro And iphone 13 pro max Will finally present the option for you to buy one Apple Apple said on Tuesday that the phone with a full terabyte of storage. But these highest-end iPhones will cost more than the previous generation, which maxed out at 512 gigabytes: 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Price $1,499 And the 1TB iPhone Pro Max costs $1,599, making it the most expensive iPhone ever. They essentially have double the storage from the 512GB versions for $200 more.

news came Apple incident Expose Latest iterations of your iPhone, as well as new Apple Watches and iPads. iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will be open to advance order friday and available September 24th. system software ios 15 is coming september 20.

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Apple has been criticized over the years for dragging its feet in upgrading storage options for the iPhone, and these latest iPhone Pros come with storage-gobbling features such as a new high-quality video recording system called ProRes, which allows your iPhone and iPad to record high-quality video recording. Requires more space on the phone. more intense. For its “pro” devices so far, Apple has largely been pegged between 128GB and 512GB. Apple began offering a 1TB version for its iPad Pro in 2018, but waited until this year to bring that option to the iPhone.

Storage may not be the only factor driving up the price of the most expensive iPhones. Rising prices for chip production from its supplier, TSMC, also indicated the potential for expensive iPhones. Apple’s supplier aims to increase costs for “advanced and mature process technologies” by up to 20% by January, according to a report.

Until the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the most expensive iPhone was iphone 12 pro max With 512GB of storage, which was $1,399 in the US at launch.

–Ian Sher contributed to this report.

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