Israeli diplomat: New regional alliances “keep the Iranians up at night”

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Manama, Bahrain — The diplomat who made the transition to Israel secret relationship With Bahrain publicly tells Nerdshala that Israel’s increased involvement in the region “keeps the Iranians awake at night.”

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what is he saying: “The Iranians have opened up against us in Syria and Lebanon, but now when they look to the Gulf, they see us very close to us with our allies,” says Itay Tagner, the outgoing head of mission at the new Israeli embassy. Bahrain, who previously led the secret Israeli diplomatic mission in Manama.

  • Since the Abraham Accords, countries have focused mainly on economic cooperation, but the Bahrainis have made it clear they “won’t be shy” about coordinating on Iran, Tangner told me when we went to the Manama talks on Friday. met on the spot, a security forum focused mainly on Iran.
  • Ties with Israel are part of Bahrain’s security strategy because of the threat from Tehran, Tagner says.
  • “When we talk about Iran, Bahrainis know what we are talking about. Iran is 90 miles away. Iranian drones are flying over their heads on their way to attack Saudi Arabia. Huh.”

a clear sign That came in August when Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain, visited Israel and released a photo from a meeting with the Israeli general in charge of operations against Iran.

  • “A picture is worth a thousand words, but Sheikh Abdullah personally approved the press release that accompanied the picture and emphasized that the two countries agreed to increase security cooperation,” Tagner told me.
  • when i met sheikh abdullah On Friday, he told me that Bahrain has put forward a comprehensive strategy for “warm peace” with Israel in all dimensions of the relationship.

Flashback: Tagner recalled the signing ceremony of the Abraham Accords with a friend from Bahrain, who paid just $250,000 to book a seat on a space flight in 2024.

  • “He told me that until a few weeks ago, he was sure he would be able to travel to space before traveling to Israel. It tells you everything you need to know about what happened here last year,” Tagner said.

What will happen next: Tangner leaves Bahrain this week after 15 months and will be replaced by Ambassador Eaton Na’h at the embassy, ​​which was inaugurated on the 29th floor of the Manama World Trade Center in September.

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