It only costs $68 to get immersive lighting for your TV today

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When it comes to the ideal home entertainment setup, lighting makes a tremendous difference. Being able to dim the lights in your room as if you’re in a theater can be a real treat, but why stop there? You can make your television feel bigger and more attractive by adding reactive lighting to the back of your television. That way, when something happens on the screen the light matches that color and it fills the wall. The feel is great, but often too expensive to set up. The folks at Govi ​​offer a much less expensive way to accomplish this goal, and today the comparatively low price has dropped even further.

Govi Immersive TV Lights work with a special LED strip mounted on the back of your television and a small camera mounted above or below your screen. That special camera sees whatever you have on the screen and directs the light to the back of the TV to match those colors. The end result is a stunning glow on your wall, dancing to enlarge what you’re seeing on the screen and really draw you into the experience. It’s a small thing to have such a spectacular effect, and with a little work you’ll have a truly eye-catching TV in your home.


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