Jan. 6 committee subpoenas social networks after 'inadequate' responses

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Facebook, Twitter and Google are considering their role in spreading misinformation.

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House committee probing the fatal January 6 Capitol Hill Riot On Thursday it said it had summoned Reddit, Twitter and the parent companies of Facebook and Google after receiving “inadequate response” from the tech giant.


in August, selection committee The record asked 15 platforms for “related to the spread of misinformation, attempts to reverse the 2020 election or prevent authentication of results, domestic violent extremism and foreign influence in the 2020 election.” The committee is also looking into what steps the social network took to prevent its platform from being a “breeding ground” for bigotry.

“It’s disappointing that after months of engagement, we still don’t have the documents and information we need to answer those basic questions,” Mississippi Democrat Committee Chair Benny Thompson said in a statement.

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In Letter to Facebook’s parent company Meta, Thompson cited news reports of how people used Meta’s platform to spread misinformation, conspiracy theories, hate speech and violence prior to January 6, along with documents provided by the former Facebook product manager. The whistleblower became Frances Hogen.

Facebook has downplayed its role in the January 6 attack and CEO Mark Zuckerberg told US lawmakers in March that he thinks “the responsibility here lies with those who took action to break the law and rebel.”

last week, a Investigation ProPublica and The Washington Post found evidence that Facebook “played a significant role in spreading the lies that fueled the January 6 violence.” News outlets reported that at least 650,000 posts in Facebook groups attacked the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s presidential victory over Donald Trump, and many called for political violence. Trump is to have a rally in Arizona on Saturday.

A Reddit spokesperson said the company “has received the summons and will continue to work with the committee on their request.” Meta and Google’s parent company, Alphabet, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Twitter declined to comment.

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