There’s actually a lot of debate going on about what the hardest video game ever is. The difficulty and frustration of a game depends on how many games he has played, as well as his overall skill level. However, there are some games that many consider to be the undisputed champions of difficulty, whether it’s a retro classic or a modern AAA experience. A survey was conducted by Japanese game website Inside-Games, which surveyed players as the most disappointing, soul-destroying video game they had ever played – with some expected and unexpected results.

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The top five games were featured in this article, and the survey data was based on 848 responses from Japanese gamers, who were asked “What is the most disappointing video game?” Games in this survey were chosen based on difficult levels, mysterious and complex puzzle elements, or even other factors such as the control scheme of the game in question.


From Software’s at number 5 of this poll. Was Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, which is fitting considering the studio is renowned for its brutally punishing difficulty. Like its other franchises dark SoulsThe game requires the player to learn the in-and-out of game combat, with details as important as the precise moments to block an enemy attack. Many of these reactions include: the axeMini-bosses, or even basic enemies.

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Capcom’s in fourth place of voting. Was Ghost ‘n Goblins’, a retro NES classic and side-scrolling platformer where loads of enemies are the main point of frustration. Unsurprisingly, in third place was another one titled Software, the first dark Souls Play. This infamous game caused a lot of trouble to Japanese fans, with dark Souls‘ The main reason for the boss fight is being told,

Surprisingly, the silver medal winning sport of pole was the original resident Evil Games on PlayStation 1. According to Japanese gamers’ responses, the main point of frustration was a combination of factors, ranging from the game’s oppressive atmosphere to the game’s multiple jump scares of dogs or crows. The game’s poorly aged tank controls also contributed to this placement.

However, a game that took first place in the poll was an indie hit. Undertale. Regardless of its premise, players can also participate in UndertaleThe carnage route where the player mercilessly slaughters every creature they encounter. These fans not only found it a grind, but also considered the eventual owner of the route to be an extreme of despair, with some citing several hundreds of attempts as failure. Considering the boss is punishing the player for walking down this path, it is rather fair.

Source: inside-game (Via Sora News24)

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