Joaquin Phoenix weighs in on those Joker 2 rumors

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Joaquin Phoenix has weighed in on the possibility of a sequel to 2019’s Joker.

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In a recent interview with The Playlist, the actor confirmed that, while he is interested in further developing the protagonist of the same name, he doesn’t know if there will ever be a follow-up film.

“There are some things we can and do with this man [explore] Onward,” said Phoenix, “but will we really? I don’t know.” Again, it’s clear that the second Joker movie isn’t in development yet.

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The film’s director, Todd Phillips, originally stated that he and his team had “no plans for a sequel”, although reports surfaced earlier this year that Warner Bros. had actually hired Phillips for another Joker installment. Green light was given.

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Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, however, with those rumors mainly blinking-and-you-miss-this quote from a THR article on attorney Warren Dern suggesting that Phillips (of Dern One of the customers) had “sneaked a deal to co-write the next Joker.”

Phillips is quoted as saying that any potential sequel would be dependent on Phoenix’s involvement, telling IGN in 2019 that “if we can figure it out, and if Joaquin is down to do it, we’ll do it.” will do.”

Judging by the actor’s recent comments to The Playlist, it looks like a Joker follow-up has gotten the seal of approval from both its leading man and the filmmaker. In theory, it would now be up to Warner Bros. to “figure it out,” as Phillips puts it.

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Simply put, we expect — especially if Phoenix is ​​up for it, which was probably the biggest question mark on a potential sequel.

Joker was a huge — and potentially unexpected — financial success for the studio, grossing a whopping $1 billion from a reported budget of less than $70 million, so that’s a figure Warner Bros. would jump at the chance to capitalize on a follow-in. – Film above.

Part of the original’s appeal, however, was its stripped down approach to telling a character’s origin story, often accustomed to big-budget superhero productions. Not to spoil the ending of Phillips’ Joker, but no potential sequel is likely to be able to match the same character-driven narrative interest.

The Joker is a character study that intensely follows the life of an underdog on his way to become the face-painted villain popularized by the original comics—that’s what made it such an interesting, if divisive, take.

However, any sequel will either be forced to take place almost immediately after the original ends, or a few years down the line – but either way, it will struggle to carry the same amount of emotional power as the original film. , simply because there is little room left for the Joker to develop further as a character.

Still, that’s unlikely to stop Warner Bros. from going back to Gotham City. Money talks, after all, and Phoenix’s return to the role will almost certainly prove to be a profitable move for the studio.

Should there be Joker 2? Maybe not. will there be? It looks likely at this time. Given Phoenix’s lack of knowledge about the entire project, however, we wouldn’t expect to see a sequel any time soon.

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