Joby Aviation Acquires Avionyx to Accelerate Aerospace Software Certification

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Joby Aviationa California company that develops electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. for commercial passenger transportationannounced the acquisition Avionicsan aerospace software company, on stage at TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility on Wednesday.

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The companies did not disclose the terms of the deal, but Joby said it was a hire-on deal, which means Avionyx employees will join Joby. It also likely means that it was a combined stock and stock deal.

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The eVTOL Joby, a manned five-seat aircraft, can carry four passengers at speeds up to 200 mph with a maximum range of 150 miles on a single charge, the company said.

The rivalry with Avionyx, a company with over 30 years of experience in the aerospace industry that has been working with Joby since last year, allows Joby to do what many companies are trying to do: become vertically integrated.

Software validation is critical to complying with FAA regulations and standards, Joby says, because it allows engineers to view, analyze and test software deployed on board an aircraft. It also purportedly helps to avoid traffic accidents, as it currently does. being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board based on the Joby plane crash in February.

By not relying on third parties, Joby can also be more agile in managing its platform, responding quickly to challenges and applying acquired knowledge more quickly, the company says.

Gary Gysin, CEO of Wisk Aero, another eVTOL company specializing in autonomous air operations, disagreed with Simi on stage at TC Sessions: Mobility regarding the benefits of vertical integration, saying that not owning all the components would actually give Wisk a faster path to market. so it looks like the game is on. However, since Visk is not committed to manned flight, Gysin acknowledged that Joby’s plane would likely take to the skies before Visk’s. In 2024, Joby set its sights on an air ridesharing service.

Avionyx’s experience in the sector will help Joby improve the performance of its Vehicle Software Integration Lab in Marina, California, where Joby uses flight and hardware simulators to rapidly run thousands of pre-programmed tests to validate and validate the performance of its various aircraft. software systems. The company said a similar facility will be set up in San Jose, Costa Rica, where Avionyx is from, to speed up those software validation efforts.

In addition to supporting the FAA Joby certification program, Avionyx, an AS-9100D certified supplier, will continue to work in support of the wider aviation community.

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