NS pokemon The franchise has seen production of a lot of merchandise over the years. Most of them are usually accessories, others are plush based on some fan favorites from the series. Many of these are sold through the Pokemon Center website, with stores worldwide from Japan to the United States. The merchandise sold through these retailers is usually of high quality, exclusively officially managed by The Pokémon Company. A life-size version of K Staples appears in the latest merchandise pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl, Lucario.

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Lucario is better known as an Aura Pokémon, a pure-fighting type known as . was introduced in pokemonthe fourth generation of, begins with pokemon Diamond And Pearl, A blue bi-pedal jackal spins with a stat of incredible speed and attack. This makes Lucario an incredibly desirable Pokémon to acquire, especially for trainers in the Sinnoh area. Its iconic status continues many years later, appearing in many different games, from mainlines to spin-offs. Naturally, The Pokémon Company is banking on both remakes with one of its iconic creatures, giving fans a chance to get this Pokémon in plush form.


This jumbo-sized Pokémon Plush measures 47.5″ tall, 17″ wide and 9.75″ tall. These measurements are based on Lusario’s official Pokédex entry, which makes it a great way to make a fan’s home more alive and show your love. Makes way. The Pokémon. Plush even comes with posable and bendable arms, which can be used to create a variety of poses. This game ranges from battle ready poses to holding a towel or wave May be given.

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This merchandise is intended to replicate a fighting-type Pokémon in plush form and capture many of its details and characteristics. It has pointed ears and claws as well as soft fabric, embroidery. Preview photos from the Pokemon Center website show some of the ways it can be used to make it feel like it’s living in a fan’s house, such as waving goodbye when the owner leaves the house.

Pre-orders are open in Japan until December, with the Plush expected to ship in late April 2022. Like other life-size plush dolls, it will cost around $420 and is made to order, according to the website. Pretty expensive, but for the biggest fans, many people will save up for the chance to get this Lucario, especially if it’s life-sized.

pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Now available on Nintendo Switch.

Source: pokemon center

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