back 4 blood Officially released today worldwide, and fans are starting to express their thoughts on the game. There were no such words to say about the odd video game-related account for KFC Gaming, Kentucky Fried Chicken. back 4 blood, but that didn’t stop Turtle Rock Studios from firing back.

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Some restaurant chains have caught on to the power of advertising to gamers via social media, such as Arby’s with its wrapper gaming art fixtures, and Kentucky Fried Chicken, which created an entire video game-related account called KFC Gaming. has gone for. . Earlier last year, KFC Gaming revealed a new game console, known as the KFC Console, that doubled as a chicken warmer. Although it turned out to be just a marketing stunt, it garnered a lot of attention. with today’s release back 4 bloodThis was the perfect opportunity to create some mayhem for KFC Gaming.


KFC Gaming posted a heavy-handed tweet criticizing it today back 4 blood. In the simple post, KFC Gaming writes, “Every masterpiece has its own cheap copy,” followed by an image left 4 Dead And back 4 blood, with the latter game being the “cheap copy”. Apart from the name, back 4 blood actually developed by some of the team that worked left 4 Deadis, and in many ways, the spiritual successor to that game. back 4 blood makes a lot different left 4 DeadLike the character skills and weapon variety, but still it’s easy to compare the two and see the similarities between them.

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While KFC Gaming did not directly address Turtle Rock Studios, it did not back down from KFC Gaming’s comments. On the official Turtle Rock Studios Twitter account, the studio posted a photo of KFC Gaming’s tweet with the caption, “11 herbs and spices, and still no flavor.” One of KFC’s other biggest marketing ploys is its “secret recipe” reportedly made with 11 herbs and spices, which Turtle Rock Studios is making fun of here. It has talked about balancing fans’ expectations in the past. back 4 blood coming out of left 4 Dead, so dealing with KFC Gaming may not be too difficult.

As mentioned, everything KFC Gaming does is to garner attention, so Turtle Rock Studios really wouldn’t have been acknowledging the post. However, to clap back at KFC Gaming, Turtle Rock Studios somewhat turned the narrative around and assumed control of the situation—that is, until KFC Gaming launched another. As shown with the coming of Sora super smash bros ultimate, and the way the character was in the trend over and over again, social media is a broad and influential space, allowing for some very interesting and amusing conversations between the least likely of sources.

back 4 blood Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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