Kid Thanos is coming to murder Earth in Avengers #50 / #750 preview

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Miracle avengers #50 Already a standard comic book milestone, but the publisher is doubling down on it by naming it as the 750th overall issue in the series’ Now Story series.

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The issue will also serve as the climax to several ongoing plotline storylines before regular writer Jason Aaron shifts gears into the next phase of his long-term plans for the title.

,[Avengers #50 is] The start of the next big phase in overall development, and in some sense perhaps even crescendo, not only my Avengers race, but everything I’ve been doing at Marvel for the past 16 years,” Aaron wrote recently in his News bulletin,


December 1’s Avengers #50/750 will be a hit on several “game-changing” storylines, including (but not limited to) the contributions of multiple creative teams:

  • The conclusion of the current ‘World War She-Hulk’ story
  • Revealed the “true purpose” of the prehistoric Avengers team from 1,000,000 BC
  • Uncovering the “shocking mystery” of the Iron Inquisitor character
  • Doctor Doom’s Multiversal Masters of Evil Returns on August 18th Free Comic Book Day: Avengers/Hulk #1 Cheap Comic

If that wasn’t enough, it will also be the kickoff of a multiversal road trip for Ghost Rider Robby Reyes, and the reveal of several “surprising” new Avengers teammates.

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“It’s such an honor to be part of Avengers issue #750, and I’m using this issue as a grand-sized kick-off to a story celebrating the rich history of the title and its iconic characters.” wildly sweeping and swing-for-the-fence epic as it could possibly be,” Aaron said when the issue was announced.

Aaron will be joined in Avengers #50/#750 by current series star Javier Garron, former series star Ed McGuinness, as well as Carlos Pacheco and Aaron Kuder.

Watch this preview of Avengers #50 / #750, which features pages from several stories from this 96-page anthology:

Marvel has also released a new batch of variant covers for the special issue.

As seen in our gallery, Carmen Carnero is probably the biggest and saddest romantic pairing of the Avengers attracted to Scarlet Witch and Vision.

Rob Liefeld also featured Deadpool on the character’s 30th anniversary cover.

Former series regular artist Ed McGuinness has created the Multiversal Masters of Evil, a new group of villains who will harass Earth’s Mightiest Heroes that debuted that issue.

Also Simone Bianchi and Ron Lim both drew the She-Hulk and Marcos Martin painted Jarvis in the ’60s and ’70s, admiring a large portrait of the team members.

Those new covers are included in the standard cover by McGuinness, with variants previously released by Steve McNiven, Stefano Casselli, Jack Kirby (a ‘Hidden Gems’ version), Arthur Adams (an Infinity Saga Phase 1 version) , which refers to the new version. , and Stefano Casselli.

Check them all out here:

Avengers #50/#750 will go on sale from December 1.

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