Kinzinger: Blinken must accept some blame for Afghanistan crisis

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Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) told CBS News on Sunday that “a lot of people are to blame” for the chaotic US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the secretary of state is one of them.

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why it matters: Secretary of State Antony Blinken is due to testify before Congress this week, including the House Foreign Affairs Committee on which Kizinger serves.

  • Republicans see Blinken testifying in the Senate on Monday and Tuesday in the House as a chance to confront a top-ranked Biden official on the Afghanistan crisis, according to axios Jonathan Swann and Zachary Basu.

what is he saying: “It would be nice — and keep in mind, even under a former president I would say this exact thing — for some people to just take responsibility,” Kizinger told CBS.face the nation,” insisting that he is against “armchair quarterbacking.”

  • In Blinken’s case, the order to “enter into a defensive posture and expel all” should have been given when the Afghan army had begun to collapse.

On the other end: Blinken has defended the Biden administration’s handling of the withdrawal of US forces, blaming former President Trump for overpowering the Taliban.

  • Democratic lawmakers are expected to point to the Trump administration’s peace deal with the Taliban and to cite the former president’s claim in June that President Biden cannot stop the troop withdrawal process he started.

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