Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s release date and new trailer has us tickled pink

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Kirby and the Forgotten Lands, the next mainline game for Nintendo’s beloved pink puffballs, will be released on March 25.

The release date comes with a new trailer, showing the game’s sugary post-apocalyptic world, some of Kirby’s new abilities, several familiar characters, and the game’s two-player co-op mode in action.


Of particular note are the new Drill ability, which lets Kirby sink into the ground to attack enemies from below, and the Ranger ability, in which Kirby attacks enemies from afar. Additionally, the trailer gives a glimpse of the Forgotten Lands’ hub area and some of the minigames you’ll be able to play in it, such as fishing or tendering shop.

A second player can also join in the form of sidekick Bandana Wadal D, who is equipped with a spear and garners a lot of attention in the new trailer.

Watch it in full below.

Analysis: A Kirby for All Occasions

We knew Kirby and the Forgotten Lands would rear their heads in the spring of 2022 (which is between March and June), though many expected the April release date to align with the series’ 30th anniversary. The March release date is fine by us, though. After all, it’s been nearly four years since the last mainline release of the franchise, with Kirby Star Allies launching back in 2018.

This upcoming title should also squeeze some fresh juice into the character. Not only will the Forgotten Lands be an open-world adventure, but it’s also the first Kirby game to be fully 3D. That extra physical dimension should also add a whole new twist to the mascot’s platforming and esotericism.

Maybe the strangest and most fascinating aspect of the upcoming game is its setting. In Kirby’s post-apocalyptic world, you won’t find any zombies or nuclear fallout here, but instead breathing shopping malls and appropriately cute critters.

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