Since the widespread popularity of games like Nintendo Wii Fit In the early 2010s, fitness-based games have made their way into the gaming market. The advent of motion control in video games and, more recently, virtual reality has accelerated games focused on providing workouts and exercises presented in the form of gameplay. recent games like Ring Fit Adventure And hit saber The genre has expanded with new and unique ideas. Now, European publisher Coach Media seems to be joining the fitness gaming craze.

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Koch Media, based in Hoffen, Austria, is a large video game publisher that operates several publishers within the European market. Coach also runs a pair of video game developers based in Europe, Kingdom Come: Deliverance Developer Warhorse Studios and mxgp Developer Milestone. The media company has helped publish titles in popular franchises such as payday And Saints Row And a recent trademark filed by the German-Austrian company reveals that an upcoming fitness game is in the works.


A recent trademark filed by Koch Media with the European Union Intellectual Property Office lists an application for game software titled let’s get fit, The application was filed earlier this month and lists “use on mobile and cellular devices” as part of “augmented reality game software” along with goods and services. While Coach Media has not made any official announcement of the game, the trademark implies that let’s get fit augmented reality games like pokemon go on mobile devices.

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Not much is known about the logo involved in a potential fitness game and trademark application from Coach Media outside of the title. A fitness game would be a new opportunity for the European media company as many of their subsidiaries lack adequate fitness games in the market. The success of many of Nintendo’s outings of its in-house games like Wii Fit and Japanese studio Imagineer is publishing fitness boxinYes It has inspired many other companies to jump into the fitness genre and new and different ideas keep popping up in this genre.

Recent fitness games have taken the genre away from its purely fitness-based roots and incorporated its workout gameplay into a variety of genres. As mentioned earlier among RPGs Ring Fit Adventure More Popular VR Rhythm Game hit saberFitness games continue to experiment with new ideas and new ways to get players to work on their feet. coach degree Let’s F. get receiveThis There are more traditional fitness games out there than it seems, but Coach’s massive presence in the European gaming market should bode well for an upcoming venture into the world of fitness gaming.

let’s get fit Currently in development with no definite release date or console.

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