One of the most popular names in the video game industry, Hideo Kojima is also well remembered by his fans as a fan of pop culture. Whether it’s about music, movies, or popular TV series, Kojima shares honest thoughts about his most recent discoveries on social media, often showing how much he enjoys a variety of entertainment genres. Now, it seems his development company Kojima Productions is taking its founder’s interests to heart, with the announcement that it is launching a dedicated TV, film and music division.

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With the recent release of Director’s Cut death strandingMany fans of Kojima are interested to know what the next steps of the developer will be. With no official news coming from Kojima Productions, it seems the online community has no choice but to play it. Silent Hill And metal Gear Solid Rumors just to pique the curiosity of the fanbase. However, with the announcement of the new division, new Kojima Productions projects will soon be revealed to the general public, even if they are not all video game related.


In a recent news post, Kojima Productions officially announced that it is expanding through a new business division that will focus on film, TV, music and other forms of entertainment. The division will be led by another video game industry veteran, Riley Russell. Russell spent nearly 30 years with PlayStation, in various roles such as Chief Legal Officer and Vice President of Business Affairs. The new division will be located in Los Angeles, California, and the team’s focus will be on raising awareness for any of the upcoming Kojima Productions projects that are under development.

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Yoshiko Fukuda, Business Development Officer at Kojima Productions, also shared that another goal of the new division is to explore new ways to entertain the company’s existing occupied audience, and go beyond the already familiar landscape of the video game industry. Is. This could mean that Kojima’s unique video game concepts could be applied to other entertainment categories such as full-length movies, soundtracks and even video-on-demand series.

On the official Kojima Productions Twitter post, many fans are overjoyed with the announcement. Some have even stated that Kojima should have worked on films in the first place, while others were happy with the idea of ​​translating video concepts out of Kojima’s world into other forms. Hopefully Kojima Productions will provide more details about their future projects so that there is something exciting for fans in the coming days.

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