Their relationship to NFTs and video gaming has become a topic of major interest over the past several months. In 2021, publisher Ubisoft became the first to implement blockchain-backed tokens in online games through its new Quartz initiative. Square Enix and Electronic Arts both announced interest in the technology, and now Konami, the company responsible for major franchises such as metal Gear Solid And Silent Hill, coming into play with their new Konami Memorial NFT series.

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A suite of 14 non-fungible tokens are to be sold in an auction that will take place from January 12 to January 14. Most of the collection includes GIFs of gameplay snippets from the first three. Castlevania Used natively on various home computing machines, with renderings of versions of the game, remaining in-game maps and art Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, OpenC is expected to be sold through the NFT Marketplace, for those who make an early purchase, their usernames will be remembered on Komani’s website.


While many North American gamers connect with Castlevania Along with the Nintendo Entertainment System franchise, only two of the upcoming NFTs commemorate the NES. Others specifically mention the Famicom—the Japanese version of Nintendo’s first game console—and even have a reference to it. vampire killer, an alternate port of the game to the MSX line of home computers, which marked the beginning of the series’ branding.

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Castlevania Artwork

It’s important to note that, unlike Ubisoft’s Quartz and slow selling NFTs launched Ghost Recon: BreakpointOf course, Konami’s Castlevania NFTs take a more traditional approach in that they have no use in any of the games in the series. Much of the controversy surrounding non-fungible tokens in the gaming space stems from their inappropriate inclusion in online experiences, and that issue is completely absent here. However, given their scarcity, Konami’s new NFTs are likely to come at exorbitant prices.

It’s not all that Konami put together to celebrate the series’ milestone; In 2021, Castlevania Advance Collection was issued. 2019 Kind of a Sequel Castlevania Anniversary Collection, the new release is a collection of four Castlevania The title originally appeared on the Game Boy Advance, and the package currently enjoys highly positive review scores on Steam.

Recent rumors also suggest that a brand new Castlevania The title may be in the works of Konami. This will mark the first mainline series release since 2014. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, How the publisher’s renewed interest in NFTs might affect the development of its upcoming projects is unknown, but it’s likely that many fans of the series aren’t struggling to see blockchain technology creep into the classic. Castlevania compilation.

Source: konami, IGN

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