TLDR: It’s time for a poll on Steam. Valve’s monthly software and hardware report gives us a good idea of ​​what the platform’s 120 million monthly active users are downloading to their machines. July saw one of the biggest jumps for AMD in the processor category, causing Intel’s share to drop even further to an all-time high. There has also been an unexpected drop in Windows 11 users, and more people seem to be taking advantage of falling graphics card prices.

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Beginning with Poll on Steam processor section, July has been one of AMD’s best months in recent memory. In June, Team Red experienced a rare -1.28% decline in the number of members using its processors, but it rebounded by +2.22% last month. This gives AMD a record high share of 33.73%. This is not the kind of news that Intel wanted to hear, especially after the disastrous quarterly report. report led to the fact that the market capitalization of Chipzilla fall below your opponent.

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Moving on to the top performing GPUs of the month, we find plenty of mid to high end Ampere and RDNA 2 cards at the top of the chart. The RTX 3070 (+0.27%), RTX 3080 (+0.024%) and RTX 3080 Ti (+0.14%) performed especially well, and it looks like AMD cards are finally getting more mainstream with the Radeon RX 6800 XT and RX 6500 XT entered the main chart at number seven (+0.19%) and number thirteen (+0.15%), respectively.

It’s nice to see so many graphics cards out there, especially newer, high-end, well-performing ones. In the midst of the chip crisis last November only five GPUs added more than +0.10%. Today, falling prices and former crypto miners sell your equipment means that more players are buying cards that were once too expensive or just not available.

Elsewhere last month saw the first-ever drop in Windows 11. Microsoft’s latest operating system has been using a portion of Windows 10 since it appeared in the survey. This trend reversed in July when Windows 11 fell -0.11% and Windows 10 gained 1.91% and gained a 73.17% share.

Finally, the long-awaited moment has come when Oculus Quest 2 will be owned by more than half of all Steam VR users. The Meta typeface is the preferred choice for 50.32% of participants; HMD, ranked second in the Valve Index, has a share of just over 15%. It will be interesting to see if the Oculus (officially called Meta) Quest 2 can keep up that pace now that it $100 more.

Another interesting part of the survey is the language section. The two most popular ones, English and Simplified Chinese, declined last month, while Russian posted the biggest gains (+1.59%). Steam is one of the few Western services not banned in Russia, and Valve in April payments resumed Russian and Ukrainian developers after the suspension.