After complications resulting from a COVID infection, professionals League of Legends Player Pavle “Yoppa” Kostik has passed away. a professional League of Legends Players Since 2016, Yopa’s death came as a shock to the community, as he died unexpectedly on 23 November.

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Yopa, of Serbian descent, known for his impressive airplane game, erupted at the first League of Legends The pro scene in 2016, making a name for itself, especially in the UK League of Legends Circle. known to play League of Legends Champions such as Shen, Trundle and Maokai, Yopa were known for being able to have a team on their back, especially where teamfights were concerned. In September of 2016, after only a short time a . In form of League of Legends Pro, Yopa earned Esports News UK’s “MVP of the Week” award for his performance as Gunner.


Yoppa was an integral part of several teams throughout his professional career, joining Lions EK, TTD Toybox and TCA eSports in the space of 2016. Most recently, Yoppa was a member of the Vitality and Mad Lions academy teams, and joined Schalke Evolution. , Since the announcement of Yopa’s death on Twitter, there has been a wave of mourning on social media from many former Schalke teammates, team owners, media members and others.

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One of the first to react to this news was Team Vitality’s new owner, Fabian “Neo” Divide. Like many others, Team Vitality offered their deepest condolences to Yoppa’s family, remembering Yoppa’s best moments and sharing their grief with the world. Yoppa was associated with many people during his memorable career League of Legends Players who are now famous in both the pro and casual scenes respectively. Raizens, Support Player who is now a streamer for London Esports, and Deadly, ADC, who has just departed from BT Excel, are two of the many names to have played with Yopa.

Yopa’s latest team Schalke 04 Evolution recently finished third in the PRM Pro Division 2021 Winter Cup. With Yoppa as their topplanner, the team earned third place again in the PRM Pro Division 2021 Spring Playoffs. Schalke Evolution have also publicly shared their grief, saying: “We are shocked and speechless. FC Schalke 04 Esports mourns Pavle “Yoppa” Kostik. Our condolences go out to his family, loved ones and friends. We Will always cherish his memory.”

Hundreds of others have shared their grief on Twitter and other social media following the shocking and sudden demise of a professional League of Legends Player whose career had just begun.

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