Developer Riot Games has released several videos showcasing the various changes to come League of Legends in 2022. In addition to the actual champions living in Summoner’s Rift, most fans are excited by the various skins and happenings. while one of the League of Legends The dev video focuses on Champions, the other focuses on upcoming skins and events this year.

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Jonathan Bellis, Product Head for Personalization and Events League of Legends, explained some of the changes and plans the game will implement for skins and events. First, the occasional event pass over the summer is rework that makes it easier for players to understand and follow. Event Pass works like Battle Pass from other titles such as fortnite Where players will earn rewards after completing challenges and playing matches. Event tokens that were previously used up will still be the main reward players will earn throughout the Event Pass.


League of Legends Mythic is revamping the content and perhaps the biggest change that has been mentioned is the new purple currency called Mythic Essence which will replace Mythic Gemstones and Prestige Points as the new rare currency. Mythic Essence never ends and players can get it anywhere Gems and Prestige Skins are earned. For those who have gems and prestige skins, it should be noted that they will be “expired” once the mythical essence comes out. The gems will be converted to mythical essence, but it is not confirmed that this is a 1 to 1 ratio.

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A new Mythic Shop will be released later this year, featuring a revolving set of old prestige skins from 2018 and 2019. The new Prestige skins won’t appear in the Mythic Shop, but after a year, they may be available for purchase. There. Original owners of Prestige skins will receive a visual upgrade to reflect what their skin was like since it was first released.

Bayliss also revealed that the next champion after Caitlyn to receive a visual update would be Ahri because most of her animations are out of date and she doesn’t even have a recall animation. Then he reveals that many seem to have forgotten League of Legends Champions will receive Gangplank, Fiddlesticks, and more in 2022.

The video is full of other teases for the new League of Legends Skins like Battle Bunny skins that give the champions a futuristic warrior bunny beauty. The response has been overwhelmingly positive so far, with many fans enjoying the new skin lines as well as the developments. An “explainer” will be issued with more information for those interested. Many dates are not mentioned in the video, although most of these updates will be released in 2022, it is uncertain how much fans will have to wait before they are implemented. For now, though, fans have plenty of information to dig in and get excited.

League of Legends Available for PC.

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