The world of PC and technology is in the grip NVIDIA The RTX 3000 series has been around for the best part of a year, though ongoing shortages have made it difficult to get hold of any of these. With rumors that Nvidia is preparing its own 4000 series, many might be speculating about what this next generation will include, and a recent leak is predicting that, at the very least, the company’s How will one of the products be in terms of its hardware spec.

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In a recent post on Twitter, users and leakers are discussing their speculations on a couple of Greymon55 AMD and Nvidia products, and what they believe the specifications will be. Most notably, they reveal that Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 4090 card will include, among other things, 24GB of GDDR6X VRAM and 18,432 CUDA cores. The user also says that AMD’s next generation will have 7,680 cores and will likely come with 32GB of RAM.


The RTX 4090 will be a jumping off point from Nvidia’s RTX 3090 GPU, which was released last September, and also has 24GB of RAM, but fewer CUDA cores at 10,496. Of course, at this stage these are just rumours. While there may be credible information, and other sources citing Greymon55’s tweet, “Team Green” has yet to make any official announcements about the next generation of graphics cards, or what their specifications will be.

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Nvidia is currently gearing up for more in its 3000 series, with an upcoming laptop version of its RTX 3070 Ti product sometime next year. However, the tech world is currently in serious trouble as supply constraints mean companies like Nvidia and AMD are struggling to get hardware into the hands of consumers. According to industry experts, the deficit is likely to remain the same till 2023. Having said that, the fact that the products are still being made, and the next generation of GPUs are currently being talked about, suggests that this isn’t dampening the ambition of the big companies.

Team Green also recently experienced another setback when a truckload of RTX 3000 cards was stolen in a daring heist. It’s not looking great for PC gamers and enthusiasts, who have been waiting for the better part of a year to fix the deficit. It’s entirely possible that things look a little brighter sometime next year, but NVIDIA There doesn’t seem to be any bad news stopping it from moving into the 4000 series.

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