Together Intel With the recent announcement that it would launch its own range of graphics cards starting with the ARC ‘Alchemist’ model due out next year, some might be wondering how the company will cope in the current GPU climate. With graphics hardware supplies expected to get worse before they get better, it’s uncertain what the market will hold until when Intel’s first cards hit shelves both on and offline. Despite this, people are still interested in what this first model will be like, and how it will compare to its competitors. A recent leak suggests that Alchemist may be going up against some of the current top-end GPUs.

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According to a YouTube video uploaded by Moore’s Law Is Dead, which is credible with leaks, the new Intel graphics card may be able to take on up-to-date products, such as the Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti, which debuts this summer. came in front. While this is the anticipated equivalent that Alchemist will be able to compete with, it is at the top end, with minimum performance expected to be on par with the RTX 3070, which is a bit older but still a decent card to be able to match. . Both of these cards have 8GB of VRAM.


The video leak is also about how Nvidia is feeling threatened by this new range of ARC products, which Intel will pull out, based on the fact that the latter is a “brand identity” when it comes to computers and computer components. it occurs. Even as Nvidia is getting ready to start developing its 4000 series, there’s a chance that Intel may be quick off the starting block when it launches Alchemist in 2022.

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There is also the rumored Nvidia 3080 Super Refresh that leaked recently, and it will reportedly have 12GB of VRAM. This suggests that the graphics card giant is looking to make some additional strides to get ahead of its latest rival. Supposedly, with ARC Alchemist having 16GB of memory, it could be strong and give both Nvidia and AMD a scramble to make an even better product. While Intel is probably best known for making CPUs, it has experience in making integrated graphics hardware, even when there are no actual graphics cards.

Having said that, early benchmark tests on Alchemist suggest that there may be more work before Intel can declare this a card worthy of taking on the other two GPU behemoths on the market. As time goes on, it’s likely that more leaks, rumors, and additional benchmarks will make themselves known, but until the product actually comes out, all that remains is to speculate at this stage.

NS Intel ARC Alchemist Q1 is scheduled to end in 2022.

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