with the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ 2.0 update and Happy Home Paradise paid DLC, Nintendo has said will represent the game’s last major update. A notable leaker claiming to be the keyword “major” Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be updating In the near future.

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Nintendo leaker Samus Hunter posted a tweet claiming a small update may be coming Animal Crossing: New Horizons Which will introduce new festive holiday items to the game. They also say that the update may be small enough to download in the background while the game is running.


Samus Hunter doesn’t give any indication of when this update might happen, saying only that the update will happen “soon”. Seeing this is also a leak, the information may also be wrong. If this Animal Crossing: New Horizons The update includes holiday items, then it could be anywhere around the time when the snow finally falls in the game, which could be shortly after Turkey Day or the beginning of December.

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There are no indications as to which items may be coming, but it’s easy to believe that new cooking recipes may be among them. With the addition of new product items for the 2.0 update, there’s a new fun activity in the cooking game that could add more to the holiday cheer in the months to come. The addition of flour and sugar to the game, along with the pumpkins that were previously available, can lead to seasonal pies and holiday cookies.

Thanks to new customization tools, some items that were available last year may be able to get a fresh seasonal coat of paint to help kick off the islands’ festive mood. Perhaps these new items can be earned by making the perfect snowboy. Or maybe more decorations are scattered on the fence. Some pine trees were randomly selected for decorative lighting last year. It would be nice if players had the option to choose which trees they could decorate. Hopefully, Snowboy decorations might also be on the cards because they can help Snowboy interact with him after he’s made it. However this is all just speculation at the moment. if Animal Crossing: New Horizons There are actually new holiday items getting in, fans will have to wait and see what they are.

Updates about major holidays like this around the world and small patches to fix bugs Animal Crossing: New Horizons That’s all that fans can expect going forward. Nintendo has made it clear that it wants to move on to other games and that new item updates may become even more rare as time goes on.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons And the Happy Home Paradise DLC are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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