Let’s get in touch with Samsung ahead of next week’s Unpacked event.

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It became something of a tradition: Samsung announces Unpacked and all or most of the big products are revealed in leaks weeks before the event. Sometimes leaks happen before an event is announced, sometimes after, but any hope of keeping the most important news under wraps seems to have largely vanished.

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Samsung to some extent adopted this tradition. It has become common practice for the company to at least tease products ahead of their official launch. Folded this time. Not only did the company say so, but they also included a handy image of a half-folded Galaxy Z Flip 4 in the trade show invite. big event on the 10th.

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It has also become a tradition, the head of Samsung Mobile Offered by TM Roh sort of a pre-event toast that covers some of the broader industry trends that have led to this moment. Specifically, this time it’s the union state on foldable devices. I will say that there are some really dizzying figures here.

“Last year we saw almost 10 million foldable smartphones shipped worldwide. This is an industry growth of more than 300% compared to 2020, and I predict that this rapid growth will continue,” explains Ro.

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The company announced its foldables as its second flagship device (or possibly second and third, depending on how you slice it) the moment it killed the beloved Galaxy Note line for good. It’s safe to say that the company was in a hurry, but you have to give credit: 10 million is an impressive amount for new form factors sold at flagship prices – and above. Longevity concerns are largely overshadowed, with the company completely dominating foldable device sales with an estimated 80% market share.

What makes the numbers more remarkable is that they run counter to larger trends. Phone sales quarter after quarter brought bad news. The bright spots in the numbers tend to be budget and mid-range phones. Meanwhile, Samsung is seeing huge growth in the $1,000 and up category. Obviously, the 300% figure is partly due to the fact that things start out at a pretty low number, but the trends are impressive nonetheless. They also point to users with a one-time inbound search for something new in a stable market.

However you feel about foldable devices in general, you can’t deny that they are – at least – something different.

Samsung is not immune to the global downturn in the mobile phone market. In MayThere have been reports that the company is cutting production by 30%. Earlier today Reuters noted that workers in Vietnam have been hit hard by the slowdown in sales. Of course, all this must be viewed through the prism that Samsung has maintained its place at the top of global smartphone sales for quite some time. That is, things are going slowly, but the company is doing well compared to other manufacturers.

Ro also took the opportunity to confirm what we’ve been strongly suspecting all along: that most people prefer the Flip form factor over the Fold—it turns out that 70% of shoppers prefer a clamshell. Samsung may be the only one genuinely surprised by this fact. In my original review of the Flip, I noted that this was the first time I could actually imagine myself using a foldable model as a daily driver. Samsung too often falls into the trap of making big, bulky devices, but the Flip is much more compact and affordable.

No doubt that’s why he was included in the invitation to the event. Looking ahead, expect to see two foldable models on a flatter footing in Samsung’s press materials – perhaps the Fold will even take a backseat.

This time around, the Flip 4 and Fold 4 are the headliners. Over several generations, Samsung has mostly settled on design and form factor. Things have been beefed up to the point where durability is no longer a primary concern.

Reports are centered around some subtle tweaks to things like the Fold’s hinge, but otherwise we’ve set a cycle in which these devices get similar refresh rates to devices like the Galaxy S. That means things like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus processor in combined with things like the big battery on the Flip.

Foldable devices are the headliners, but the Galaxy Watch 5 is arguably the most noteworthy. Its predecessor has discovered that Samsung is reusing Wear OS through a partnership with Google. But while Samsung is reporting strong smartwatch sales, it’s about to face a rival a little closer to home. Google’s Pixel Watch is a big hit from a company that has so far struggled to deliver on its wearable promise. But an acquisition by Fitbit could create real competition for the Galaxy lineup when new smartwatches arrive this fall.

Among other things, the leaks hint at improved battery life and a potential new “Pro” model.

Samsung is also slowly releasing good and even great headphones. They lack the flash and marketing prowess of others in space, but the Galaxy line has always been a good choice. Again, the company suddenly has competition from Google’s new – and pretty good – Pixel Buds. The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are reportedly on the way with an improved battery. It’s hard to say what a company might look like to stand out in this extremely crowded field.

Thus, Samsung has a huge advantage in foldable devices. Sometimes being first means stumbling out of the gate, but if you persist, it will start to pay off. Of course, there are questions as to where the ceiling for form factor adoption lies, but Samsung is best placed to handle this at the moment. Apple still leads the company in smartwatch market share by a mile, and while the partnership with Google is good news on the app front, it needs to keep an eye on the company to maintain its share of the Android-compatible smartwatch market. In terms of headphones, the company combines a good product with a huge smartphone market share to play an ecosystem that will promote a large number of products.

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