Let’s talk about the SaaS selloff

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if you bring bad news about up price of technology stocks on twitter, Very helpful people will send you multi-year charts that put recent declines in historical context. yes thanks; I didn’t know you could zoom out.

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The innate need to declare that selling tech stocks doesn’t matter is either a well-grounded argument or a poorly disguised fear. More on that in a moment. Regardless, the recent negative price movement of tech stocks — and software stocks in particular — matters.

Why? Because not only are we seeing software stocks flirting with bear-market territory in technical terms, but even fastest growing technology companies. This means that the public valuation multiplier – by far the leading indicator for private unicorns and young startups – is shrinking.

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Has the valuation shifted enough to slow the current venture capital bonanza? Maybe not. But we may be closer to that important point than you think.

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NS Bessemer Cloud Index Trackable on public markets WisdomTree Cloud Computing Fund, which is essentially a trading version of the company set.

After hitting a 52-week high of $65.51 last month, the market cap of the basket of software companies fell to $53.00 as of this morning. That’s a decline of 19.1%, or 90 basis points, for a particular asset, or just under the 20% required for asset collection to reach technical bear-market territory.

We are close, in other words.

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